Return to Monkey Island – 100% Full Achievement Guide

This guide contains spoilers. If you haven’t played the game yet, it might tell you parts about the story or solutions to some puzzles.

Achievements (39/39)

Achievements Just for Playing The Game

Just play the game, you will get these automatically.

Part One
Description: Started Part One

Part Two
Description: Started Part Two

Part Three
Description: Started Part Three

Part Four
Description: Started Part Four

Part Five
Description: Started Part Five

Regular Achievements (in Alphabetical Order)

Description: Found All The Copies of ‘At The End Of The Plank’


  • In the governor’s mansion.
  • In the locksmith’s.
  • In the fish store.
  • In the Brrr Muda Queen’s throne room.
  • Next to Herman’s “Bed” on Terror Island

Description: Told Everyone On Mêlée Island That You Are Looking For The Secret

Solution: In part I tell everyone you meet that you are looking for The Secret of Monkey Island. In part IV you can also tell the pirates in the fish shop.

Cartography Nerd
Description: Thoroughly Examined All Of Wally’s Stock

Solution: Talk with Wally about all the maps and items in his shops. Also the globe and his cartography tools plus the medal on top of the door.

Dental Samaritan
Description: Gave Stan His Toothbrush

Solution: When you get back to Melee Island after the earthquake in Part IV, go to Stan’s Ship yard and pick up the toothbrush from his shack. Later, when you go to Brr Muda, find Stan in the prison and give it to him.

Fan Service
Description: Convinced Cobb To Tell You About LOOM

Solution: In the Scumm Bar talk to Cobb (the guy in the back with the Loom badge). Keep asking about LOOM until he says it.

Flag Facsimile
Description: Performed The Ole Switcheroo With The Replica Flag

Solution: Swap the quarantined pirates’ flag with one of the museum’s replicas on the ship.

Free Wally
Description: Rescued Wally From Monkey Island

Solution: You need to write the lock number in chapter 2 when you are on LeChuck’s ship. Its on the left on the deck, next to the empty potion boxes. Use the monocle to read the serial number. Then dont forget to make the key. You might get a chance to do so later, but the moment the cuffs are gone (Wally abducted), you cannot get the lock number anymore.

Hey Wait
Description: Freed Otis

Solution: Use the monocle from Wally to read the serial number from the lock in the jail. Then get a key and free Otis.

Lucky Duck
Description: Shared Your Luck

Solution: After you found the lucky clover, give it to the duck in the pond.

Neat Freak
Description: Listed Every Mess On The First Swab’s Report

Document 8 messes. Remember, you can only put 5 on the list, so save before doing it. (Requires reloading a save).

  • Potion remains on deck.
  • Empty potion ingredient boxes.
  • Kitchen (galley), whole.
  • Ghost rat next to LeChucks cabin.
  • Grease on the bullseye (hold).
  • Feed the right chicken in the hold, it will make a mess later.
  • With the mob pick up the grease from 1st scrubby and wipe the floor to make a mess, you can report these spots later in the game then.
  • Previous 1st Scrubbie underwater.

Not Bitter
Description: Got To The Heart Of The Problem

Solution: Read and then (repeatedly) kick the “L+E” tree on the Monkey Island beach.

Patient Citizen
Description: Waited Patiently To See Carla

Solution: Back on Melee Island go to the Governor’s house. There will be citizens waiting. Stand in line and wait for 3 minutes!

Description: Fulfilled Your Restroom Obligations

Solution: Give back (hang it back) the Key to the restroom (the one with the wooden leg).

Promise Keeper
Description: Did Gullet A Favor

Solution: Give Gullet’s poems to the museum guy.

Speed Runner
Description: Reached The End In 2 Hours Or Less

Solution: Finish the game in under 2 hours. Use the “.” key to skip dialogues and run faster with double click. Don’t care about anything else but the story. If you’re new to speed running, maybe play through the game once and take notes, what to do to keep the story going (or use a walkthrough). Then play again from start to finish to get it done.

Super Swabbie
Description: Swabbed The Hold Twenty Times

Solution: On the ship in the very first room mop the fat. Your “boss” will spill it again. Keep mobbing it 20 times until the achievement appears.

Tight Ship
Description: Decked Out The Sea Monkey II With Spooky Skulls

Solution: Before repairing the ship to sail with Elaine, go pick up the skulls from the theme song.

Trophy Fisher
Description: Became A Prize Chum

Solution: Start in the fish shop. Ask to buy the goldfish (easy mode) / flag (advanced mode). Then follow the dialogue until you can “join” the chums. You then need to find people with the fishing lure and talk to them and follow their “instructions”.

These are the chums:

  • Pirate near destroyed Scumm Bar.
  • Prison guard at Brr Muda.
  • Apple Bob on LeChuck’s ship.
  • Elaine on Scurvy Island.
  • Locke Smith on Melee Island, High Street.

After talking to them and mastering the “talent” go back to the fish store and get your prize!

Hidden Achievements

Ahoy There
Description: Ahoy! More Than Twenty Times

Solution: Repeat the “Ahoy!” dialogue when meeting the quarantined pirates 21 times.

Cogg Island
Description: Found Cogg Island

Solution: The location is not fixed, but should be something like X.Y (like map coordinates). It’s given through a trivia card (Page 9, Card 2), after beating the game once. When you have the card, select the option with the coordinates. Go there with your ship to that exact location. The island is underwater! Save here, because you can’t leave that island once you arrived there. Use the anchor and dive all the way down to the ground. Visit every possible location (tab key) until the achievement pops up.

Dead Dead Dead
Description: Died For Real

Solution: After being thrown from ship and underwater just switch between 2 screens until you die 3 times.

Deep Sea Diver
Description: Explored The Entire Ocean Floor

Solution: keep randomly diving from your ship in the ocean (using the ship anchor and pufferfish) until you see every sea floor variant.

Hot Headed
Description: Braved The Scorched Alaska

Solution: After the chef made the Scorched Alaska, eat it. You have to click a few times to make Guybrush do it!

I Don’t Believe
Description: Returned To The World You Know

Solution: During the ending scene, instead of talking to Elaine, use Stan’s keys on the church alley door and backtrack through the area, back up the stairs.

Mop Heist
Description: Attempted To Steal The Cook’s Mop

Solution: When the cook is busy preparing the meal, grab the mop and try to leave the bar.

Mop Top
Description: Got Hired With All Four Mop Heads

Solution: Get hired by Iron Rose at the end of Part 2 with every possible mop head (requires reloading a savegame):

  • Voodoo Head (from International House of Mojo).
  • Sponge (from the shipyard near Stan’s house).
  • Pile of Rope (from ouside the kitchen next to wooden seagull).
  • Stuffed Dog (from governor’s house).

On The Lam
Description: Let The Lumpsucker Escape

Solution: Continuously re-enter the fish shop so the Lumpsucker can slowly crawl to the door (you have to do it many times).

Relief Pitcher
Description: Offered To Donate To The Earthquake Relief

Solution: Try to give Carla money in the mansion on Melee after asking about the earthquake (Part IV).

Trivia Card Achievements 

To get the trivia cards, just search each section for small hidden objects.

  • First, get the trivia book, located in the scumm bar on the table next to the entrance.
  • After that keep looking for the cards in every new place you visit!
  • Pressing the tab key will help you spot these.
  • Collect them, go to your quiz book in your inventory and answer them.

If you need help, check out other guide for the answers.

Card Collector
Description: Collect more than 20 cards

Trivia Go Getter
Description: Answer 10 correctly

Trivia Master
Description: Answer 25 correctly

Trivia Grand Master
Description: Answer 50 correctly

Trivia Lord
Description: Answer 75 correctly

Trivia Overlord
Description: Answer 100 (all) correctly


  1. It may be worth mentioning that some can only be got on the ‘hard mode’. Promise keeper and Flag Facsimile I was not able to get when playing on casual.

  2. A couple of clarifications, I think useful:

    ” Neat Freak ”
    You have written:
    “The grease on the floor, the 1st Scrubbie kept throwing down to the hold”
    In reality, the fat must be collected with the mop and spread on the seeds of the hens, otherwise it disappears from the ground.

    ” Cogg Island “:
    What you wrote is right.
    I specify one thing. If you found the card where the location of Cogg Island is NOT indicated and you keep it in the book without answering it until the end of the game, you can just reload a previous save and the card will give the correct position of the island.

  3. Bragging
    It is possible to get 15/15 in Part I. I can’t remember everyone you have to talk to (there are 15 of them!), but some you need to select the Monkey Island dialogue option as soon as it’s offered (e.g. with the Voodoo Lady) otherwise it doesn’t come up again.

  4. Cog island doesn’t seem to be in K 3 on my play through do we have other locations, or a way to find out where this is?

  5. Neat Freak – In the hold : feed the right chicken and return later to find a mess
    Grease on the floor and grease on the porthole count seperately

    • You need to write the lock number in chapter 2 when you are on LeChuck’s ship for the first time. Its on the left on the deck. Then dont forget to make the key.

  6. The last one for bookworm is next to Herman’s “Bed” on Terror Island

    I got trophy fisher after talking to all the Chums and tellting the story with most adjectives I think. Crossed a blockade. Swallowed by a whale. Lit a fire in the Whale.

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