Escape the Backrooms – Walkthrough (Update 06/15/23)

A basic guide for the 06/15 update to help guide wanderers through the newest levels..

This guide will not be top tier quality but I hope to provide something for excited wanderers like myself to navigate the new levels should they get stuck.


Level 7

This level is expanded quite a bit. Take a boat and sail around those distant houses!

Be sure to check out the houses! Thy’re great for stocking up on much needed supplies after the previous levels.

Just be careful, the deeper into the level you go the foggier it will get!

How to Escape

Your goal is the opposite side of the village, simply sail straight through until to clear the fog.


  1. At the abandoned base, what do i do after finding the admin keycard. There seems to be no doors we can go to end the level.

    • head back to level 9 and exit the safe house complex, head around the right side of it to find a road behind it that leads to level 10

  2. THERES NO ROCK THAT LOOKS LIKE THAT IN LEVEL 7. You dont say how far forward and slightly right isnt helpful????? like. ive searched the majority of the area in front of the cage and there aint no rock like that, what are we even looking for at that rock????

    • you have to go quite a distance, and its like one of the 3 rock outcroppings in the entire level

  3. Thanks, kinda figured the abandoned outpost would have us going back but this helped confirm it.

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