Eternal Evolution – Divine Prototype Realm Guide

Basic Guide to Divine Prototype Realm

Divine Prototype Realm is a new type of system added in game that lets you evolve your mythic prototypes even more by using Divine Protype Merge chips that can be obtained by summoning on Divine Prototype Realm banner.

Evolving them allows you to socket these with gems that can further boost your stats.Evolving the prototypes also gives Global Stats (always active) and divine slot stats (only active for team that uses the proto).

Once you have evolved your prototype you will unlock gem slots where you can use gems which provide various stats. One thing to keep in mind is that you can only put the same type of gems as a prototype slot.

For example Horn of Healing is an enlightenment slot prototype so you can only put enlightenment type of gems in it.

To help generalize:

  • Dominator = Offensive Prototypes = First Slot Prototypes = Offensive Gems
  • Tenacity = Defensive Prototypes = Second Slot Prototypes = Defensive Gems
  • Enlightenment = Support Prototypes = Third Slot Prototypes = Support Gems

Below is an examples with picture for clear understanding:

Since Titan Hammer  is a First Slot, Dominator, Offensive Type prototype you can only put Offensive gems in it. Same is true for all prototypes in the game.


Some commonly asked questions about this system:

How many chips do I need to fully evolve a prototype?

20 chips are needed to fully evolve a single prototype

How do I get more gem slots?

You unlock gem slots at certain levels. Here is a small picture to make it simpler

Should I focus on a single prototype or multiple?

Your First priority should be to unlock at least 1 slot on all mythic prototypes that you actually use and after that you focus on the next slot on each one. Also keep in mind there are lot of variables for example it also depends on what type of gems you have etc

Which prototypes Merge chips should I choose in wishlist?

It highly depends on what prototypes you have since you need 20 of each for every prototypes, it is highly recommended to take a look at prototype tier list before choosing your wishlist. Some good options are Prism,Impulse,

How do I get more Merge Chips and divine realm recruitment tickets?

For now the only F2P way to get them is through events such as check in event and Twilight Lands. In future, there will be more events that will give more of these rewards including Limited Tickets and more rewards. Stay Tuned.

I hope this was helpful to you!

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