EVE Vanguard – Golden Secure Container / Golden Box Locations

Where to Find Golden Secure Containers / Golden Boxes

By Thaddeus Reynolds.

One gold colored secured container spawns randomly at one of a few locations on the map per match. This container is secured via codes found in datapads scattered across the map that will gradually reveal more numbers and a flashing red dot to show the location. The red dot corresponds to the grid location of the secure container. Squad members appear to share gold secure container rewards.

Grids they can spawn in are:

  • B1, C2, D3, F3, A5, B5, E5

B1 – Western Jungle / Beach

This is at the trunk of a tree just inside the jungle near the jungle loot site.

C2 – Jungle Cave / Jungle Bank

This is on top of the area above the Jungle Clone Bank, near the Jungle Bank Terminal, behind a rock near the cliff edge overlooking the jungle to the north.

D3 – Pipelines Loot Site

This appears inside and underneath wreakage of one of the smaller “cryo” sphere objects in the loot site, very easy to miss and hard to find.

D3 – Caves

This appears near a cave exit near mining area, tucked into the pocket next to some mineral veins.

F3 – Frozen Bluff Loot Site

This one is in a concave section at the bottom of the western cliff wall of the loot site.

A5 – Out of Bounds

This box appears just out of the Mission Area on an isthmus extending out into the water to the west in A5, near the south edge of the grid. This is the infamous outside the mission area one.

B5 – Split Wreckage Conduit / Pipe Tunnel

The Secure container spawns here in the tunnel underneath the Split Wreckage secure salvage site, there’s a few ways to enter, but the destroyed end of the tubing that faces one of the entrances is the obvious approach, though there is the opposite end if approaching from the back of the site.

E5 – Mining Contract Overlook / Bank Terminal

When passing the bank terminal in E5, go west to the cliff that overlooks one of the mining contract points.

The box will be on the south edge of the cliff.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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