EVE Vanguard – Solstice Known Issues

Solutions for Solstice Issues

Below are the known issues and associated solutions for Solstice:

Settings – The initial settings upon loading on Vanguard for the first time may be inaccurate. If you are experiencing performance issues, please try changing your settings from their defaults and that may resolve the issue.

Chipsets – Chipsets may be moved from stash to hangar when the user has a full stash. We recommend to players to not completely fill their stash i.e. leave a space free in order to avoid this issue.

FTUE – Unfortunately the FTUE experience i.e. tips and starting pop up is currently missing from Solstice. Please read our new player guide if you’re unsure where to start in Vanguard.

Interactions – We’re experiencing some issues with feedback for interactions i.e. Buying reclones, or collecting biomass (which are default bound to E). You may experience missing audio or have the progress bar not appear when interacting. The interaction may need you to try again but does work.

Missing lore – We have some hidden lore pickups around the game, which will display pieces of hidden info. Unfortunately a small number of them don’t work and you will not make progress when interacting with them. Please don’t be discouraged, as most of the others will work.

Spawning – You may spawn in separate locations if your PC performs faster or slower than your squadmates.

Skybox – Switching to the mining laser will cause the skybox to flash. Please be aware of this if you have epilepsy or are sensitive to light.

Cryo VFX – The issue regarding the 3p VFX for cryo permanently appearing on players has not been fixed. This issue is fixed when the user dies.

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