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Will there be an option to tie in our capsuleers in some way, such as directly playing them?

A: (CCP Collins) We want to keep the Capsuleers and Vanguars separate, they have different roles and responsibilities. We do want to create more ways that you can link what’s happening in space and what’s happening on the ground. We’ve talked previously about ways we can use contracts in eve from the capsuleers to vanguards on the ground.

Every single challenge reward we’ve gotten to date is repping the deathless. Although Edencom is a neat, if odd, choice can we expect any rewards more representatie of the empire in the future?

A: (CCP Collins) Yeah, definitely, I think We want to expand this out. New Eden is rife with factions and corporations that add a richness to the world, and we want to take advantage of that. We’ve always described the war clans as mercanaries, you have an agency who has control over who you work for and who you’re aligned to. We’re hoping that in the next release should hopefully bring that narrative and experience.

As a corporation CEO are you able to talk about how Eve corporations can impact Vanguard players and vise-versa?

A: (CCP Collins) It’s something that we want to get to. It’s worth reminding that although the social structures in eve are something that we want to build out in the game, we’re not getting there right now as its still a lot of the core we want to build. The social systems and structures between the two are something that we want to carry through into vanguard. We see corporations being a part of vanguard. They’re a real driver of the social engine that eve online is and we want that to be a part of vanguard. It is something we’ll get to eventually, it’s not something you’ll see in the short term. There’s still some of the foundations that you need to see before that. It’s a given that when we talk about the connection between the two that this is a part of that.

A: (CCP Shortfall) When we think about orbital bombardment and how complex that was for Dust, that’s relatively trivial to do now because of the integration with Quasar. Eve and Vanguard don’t share a backend, but they do talk to eachother, so yeah, the world’s you’re oyster there.A: (CCP Shortfall) When we think about orbital bombardment and how complex that was for Dust, that’s relatively trivial to do now because of the integration with Quasar. Eve and Vanguard don’t share a backend, but they do talk to eachother, so yeah, the world’s you’re oyster there.

When are we likely to see Vanguard corportations released?

A: (CCP Collins) We can’t say when it’ll be a thing, it’ll be something when we feel comfortable adding that. It is a fundamental part of the experience for sure.

A: (CCP Shortfall) The players are making their own out-of-game Vanguard corporations now, and we love to see it. You get invited to join player corporations that physically aren’t implemented in the game yet, just shows us how much people want to make that sort of stuff.

Though the dropsuits have been discontinued for a decade, any chance that CCP will tip their hat to MAG, a game that many Dust players came from?

A: (CCP Collins) I agree, on mag that’s tricky. We can give subtle nods to that game wherever we can. Everyone knows CCP Ratatti, how much Dust 514 is in his blood, and how much he wants to have that represented in the lore and in the world. It happened in the world, and we are still playing in the world post-dust. There will be much clearer and more overt references the longer we build this game. We’re already looking at the arsenal of weapons from Dust, that’s a library we look to when we’re looking at what our second weapon might be, the first pull to call will always be the ones that already exitsed for us. We’re constantly looking at content there for ways that we can bring in the warclones that existed back then. Dust is a large reason why we’re here and we don’t want to erase tha. It’s cannon and it exits in this world, and we want those little nods for players when they’re playing this game.

Is there a planned separate game mode or queue with increased player count limits to accommodate players with a bigger PvP appetite? Will there be an avenue for larger team based battles to occur in a sandbox setting within the next year?

A: (CCP Collins) The answer to that question is yes, I won’t go into more deails. The way that you’re playing the game at the moment is “our way” to play it. The way that we want to build the game out is- We see it in little things. When we added mining, people were like “Ah! This isn’t just an extraction shooter!”, and we want to keep doing that. We want to be a bit greedy, have our cake and eat it too. Why does there only have to be one mode of engagement with the game? Why can’t we have different type of shooter experiences exist? Not like COD back in the day where all the different things were very separate. Even DMZ and Warzone were separated. Why can’t we have all these different experiences exist within the same progression and ecosystem? That is the way we want to build this, is we want to change the zeitgeist on what an online FPS is and build that ultimate experience because we really feel that we can. So the answer is yes, we are already exploring ways that we can create different types of shooter experiences whether that be team-based or a meat-grinder outside the experience you currently see at the moment. We want to be careful that this isn’t too siloed, and make sure it doesn’t feel like we’re making two games. We wanna make sure it feels like part of the experience. I wanna say that the way you’re currently playing the game may be extremely different from the way you’re playing in 6 months, 6 years, etc.

A: (Host) And just to add on to that, even correct me if i’m wrong but the way that the game is set up right now is kind of in a way where when we bring up these new features and we bring up these new mechanics, it’s the easiest way to implement it because everything is just so open, which means that there’s going to be so much ease of access. You’re not limited to one game mode like for example in previous updates we didn’t have the the mining tether which is a king of the hill kind of capture zone kind of thing and later on down the line it’d be nice to see that you can still look at those game modes but they’re going to be in the game world, but they’re not going to be the the big picture right?

A: (CCP Collins) I think for what people may have seen or interacted with CCP Principal our lead designer. Behind the scenes he’s a mad scientist and he just likes cooking, and we let him cook, and he’s cooking up some really cool ideas at the moment that we’re really hoping we can get into the next release.

Will there be options for players desiring a more PVE centric experience?

A: (CCP Collins) I think so. Right now we’re trying to toe the fence because, there’s only one way to experience the game at the moment. There’s only one environment and we’re trying to toe that balance between PVE and PVP. The balance between that is something where there’s a lot of debate that goes on- “do we feel there’s currently too much pvp in the environment?” but then “when we create experiences that are more pvp centric does this mean the [[experiences]] that we have can maybe actually lean more into pve?” and stuff like that. There’ll always be a pvp element of it. The Vanguard, as we’ve already we’ve always kind of described them, is like a mini boss. We like that idea, there’s a potential arorana on the server lurking around that you should be worried about, and that that gives a tension that you can’t get in just PVE. I don’t think we’ll ever go full that way like I said, but never say never… The balance of PVP and PVE will be different with different experiences that we want to create, but yeah we’re all always constantly um analyzing whether we’ve got the balance right and what needs to be tweaked there.

Is Vanguard always going to be planet-based, or will we see our fps adventures come to space structures as well, like citadels or the new upwell equinox structures? If so, will the outcome of what we do in Vanguar have a more direct effect on what’s happening in Eve?

A: (CCP Collins) I can certainly answer to the away from planets aspect- I think we want to focus on planets for the time being. Those are the environments that we can build that you’ve just not seen in New Eden yet. Those are areas that we still want to focus on- boots on that ground is where we’re building out at the moment. I won’t lie and say that we haven’t talked about what would it be like in the future if we did have these things happening in structures in space, rather than just boots on the ground, but we’re focused on planets for the time being. Those are the environments that we’re trying to build out. We want to build more diversity in those environments first, as well as more gameplay experiences in those environments. I’ll say; never say never. We have had talks thoug about in the mid to distant future sometime, who knows, we may want to expand that out into structures in space.

A: (Host) Of course, and I mean you already see it resources where you’re like creating the different biomes and stuff right?

A: (CCP Collins) Yeah and We have to be careful, because fully man-made structures tend to make it all feel like corridor shooters. We don’t really want to be making a corridor shooter.. That’s not the kind of game that we’re making, we have to build something that feels right for the the combat that we’re building.

Will Nova Knives ever make a comeback?

A: (CCP Collins) The punching melee was just a means to an end for us to get melee [[in the game]]. We had a weapon but internally it wasn’t really feeling right, so we moved to the fist. We definitely want to expand that out into melee weapons, I think there’s far better opportunities with that, and the nova knife is something that keeps coming up.

In Eve, when you build a ship, it has a fixed output design. In a vanguard will there be a way to create custom drones in terms of their actual design? Like choosing legs, treads, flying, capabilities etc. before applying fittings, or will Vanguard be like Eve with fixed input materials and fixed output designs?

A: (CCP Collins) One thing we want to expand out into is so drones, mostly as a tool to break up the fact that you’re shooting a lot of humanoids at the moment. Looking at drones as a potential enemy is something that we’re currently exploring, and that opens loads of doors for us. we’ve discussed player utilized drone; what does that look like if you expand that into something that feels a bit more alive? Much like our weapons, we don’t want things to feel too static. We’d like to give you the freedom the customization to to make mean builds, and to make things wrong.. That’s kind of a philosophy for how we want to do the fitting, is “you can make the wrong fits and you have to learn over time to how to make the right fits and the best fits”. So um yeah it’s ideas that we’re exploring at the moment, so i won’t go into any ideas. but the idea of the player having more tools in their arsenal, and drones potentially being a part of that is an idea that we really like.

Can we get a list of all the domains that need to be white listed in order to play this game?

A: (CCP Shortfall) So this is an interesting one because we did a big migration in May to the new domain name. This caused a little bit of confusion because people were still getting information and helping each other out on our previous names, and it didn’t come through so the idea is was to simplify it and i think we made a bit of confusion doing it so the new domain is super simple it is just evevangardtech.com. That will cover every single part; whether that’s the cdn, the back end, the game servers, any info pages everything will now be hosted under that single domain name, so if you white list that you should be able to get through comfortably and easily.

How many instances of the game can I have running at one time on one box?

A: (CCP Shortfall) This was really like the first question I was ever actually asked, because we know you’ve played after multi box, i’m a multi boxer, i’ve got three screens. It’s disappointing for some people that it is only one, so you can only run one instance of Vanguard at any one part one time. I know some people have got a little creative trying to get around that, but typically one and one only is the only thing that’ll be allowed.

There was a lot of talk of merging Vanguard character names and capsuleer character names databases before December playtest started, but I used the same name in both modules so the databases must be separate from each other as of now. What is the present direction for this convergence?

A: It’s a good question. I think we touched a little bit earlier about that loosely coupled integration with Quasar.. For the moment, and at least for the foreseeable future, they will be separate. Vanguard exists as its own separate piece of infrastructure, including all the back end states and stuff there. I appreciate it’s a little confusing like i also have the same name for my characters in Vanguard as I do in um in Eve online, but we won’t merge those they’ll be separate. If we do change then that’s going to have to be a whole state migration thing we’re going to have to go through and that will take a long long time to communicate.

Can you clarify whether the ship skin rewards for the executor can be completed by getting pvp and pve kills?

A: (Host) yes it’s both.

Does the sources build include the ability to track your progress on the June play tests?

A: (Host) No, but we have come up with a very quick solution. This obviously isn’t something that’s going to be set in stone, and it will be streamlined better later, but if you guys do achieve your challenges successfully, you should receive an email per challenge is from what i understand.

I want to know when ccp is a playing so I can hunt them.

A: (Host) You could have just asked you want to know when ccp is playing you don’t have to add the hunt them on it! Basically my idea is potentially have a dev channel in the DC. Not everyone will be able to join this dev channel, but the devs can join it to play the game. so if you see the devs like like you are now with the current voice channels. There’s a system bow where you join the channel, and it creates a voice channel for you. The devs will have a similar one so that you guys can actually see when the devs are playing. We have seen a lot of devs playing though I’ve seen a lot of screenshots coming in over solstice- I’ve seen sneaky snake, ran into them as well doing the stream and Rage i’ve seen a lot playing, and a few others as well.

A: (CCP Shortfall) I also think for the other side I’m specifically not going on when I know these players are online because I know they’re gonna hunt me. Like I can see they’re online i can see Arianna’s playing, I probably shouldn’t jump in :). There’s been loads of involvement this has kind of been really nice for the studio because this is the first big time a lot of devs are jumping on and just playing under their dev names being visible. Some of them are just using normal accounts though so while you might kill a random person and be “like oh that was a random player” when it could have been a dev. I know CCP Stig keeps popping up, and every screenshot I keep seeing is like just murder central. We do also seem to keep joining those chats quite a lot, I know I’ve been random joined by quite a few people over the solstice event. I’ve been in those chats as well just chatting to random people, so you never know, I might randomly turn up and join your team.. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? you never know.

What part of the fps market are you looking to capture? what our future vanguard game is currently playing?

A: (Host) So there was a there was a message from the game director CCP Rattati about it being a tactical fps “i want more of a tactical fps than dust was” So i won’t go into like specific games to say what the game is going to be like, because I think Vanguard is going to be a standalone. I think even though it is an fps and it is you know an mmo, it is still going to have its own play style and, its own genre if you like. Everyone says “it’s an extraction shooter” right now, but i think it’s that it’s not always going to be the case. There’s always going to be that sort of element that you need to go into the world and bring it back with you. It’s not that it is an actual extraction shooter, it’s just that there is some element that you do in game that comes back with you when you go back to the lobby. There isn’t like a specific criteria of players that we’re focusing, we’re just kind of leaving it open.

A: (Host) In regards to the roadmap ending: so it’s the end of the first strike and SOS. We do plan on having this ‘founders program’. We’re still currently building it, but from what I understand is that right now the founders are going to be pretty much people who have been participating already um and getting involved in the DC. Then what we’re going to do is potentially have internal play tests and we’re going to have certain criteria that people will have to meet in order to get into these internal play tests and be able to participate. When these internal play tests will happen I don’t know it could be two weeks it could be eight weeks depending on whether you know we’ve we’ve got the features there to be able to provide new content to you to actually try out. More information on that will follow, but we’re not going quiet.

Do the proximity mines have friendly fire?

A: (Host) In a way i guess because you can shoot them and it will hurt your teammates.

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