Fallout Shelter – Dweller Happiness

A quick guide on how to help raise and maintain high moral in your vault.


I decided to make this guide since I had not seen much on ways about raising the happiness of dwellers and ways to help keep it up. I will go over the basics for what happiness is used for and then go over how to maintain the moral levels for dwellers before showing how to raise the moral of dwellers in different ways with one being the easiest and quickest way to raise the moral of dwellers when you have the required materials for the method.

Basics of Moral

Dweller happiness is used for two things, daily rewards and increasing resourse production. Higher moral levels mean more resourses for your vault, including power, water, and food with the possiblity that it increases crafting speed but I personally haven’t experimented enough to see if it does or doesn’t effect crafting time.

Maintaining Moral Levels

The best way to maintain your dweller happiness is pretty simple, have your dweller assigned to rooms that matches their highest SPECIAL stat that the room fits that stat, such as power room with a dweller that has high strength, or food production with high agility dweller and so on.

Assigning dwellers to their proper room not only helps maintain their moral but it can raise it if it is low or even slowly max it out. Having a radio room wll help raise and maintain moral when it is set to broadcast in the vault (according to the tips with loading screen it seems to work better when only broadcasting in the vault and not set to attract dweller but I haven’t seen any differences personally with dweller moral with broadcasting settings).

And most importantly make sure that the dwellers are not in the same room as other dwellers are dead, unless you want to see their moral dropping like a rock to be at 10% for the lowest. You can either move the dwellers that are alive to another room, revive the dead dweller or remove the dead dweller to help prevent the moral of the living dwellers in the room from dropping too much, but please note that if there is a dead body of a raider who attacked your vault and is now dead it will not effect the moral of dwellers, but you should click on them anyway to get the caps, and/or item that they may have on them.

Raising Dweller Happiness

There are a few ways to raise happiness and each have a limit to some degree. The easist way to raise it is like I had said earlier is to set up the dwellers to the room that best suilts thier SPECIAL stats, but there are a few rooms that won’t help in raising it above 75% like storage, taining rooms and dorms (dorms being just a spot where dwellers are just idle and not mating).

The next way is risky but can help raise it, and it is by rushing. Rushing can either raise or lower by 10% depeding on if it a successful or failed rush attempt.

Another way to raise moral level that will max it out no matter how low it is for the dweller is by pairing two dwellers (one male and one female who aren’t closely related) and if you don’t want to have a pregancy you can take one of the, now happy, dweller and drag them to another room but be quick or they might get out of range.

Another option for raising moral on some dwellers is by having them have a pet that raises moral like the one in the picture, but ths is only as long as the pet is on the dweller and will cause it to return to its previous level after removed, (but there is a trick to change it that I will talk about in a bit).

Another temporary way to raise it is a random visit from Bottle and Cappy after finishing their quest line. which increases everyone’s happiness in the vault by 20% as long as they are on screen.

My final way to raise happiness is a trick I devised after a little experimenting I have done after i noticed a few strange things but it does need at least two things to properly work. Firstly you will need, as mentioned earlier, a pet that raises happiness and it doesn’t matter how much of a bonus they give either. Second you will need the quest line for Bottle and Cappy (From now on known as B&C) completed so that they show up at your vault.I have found that the best way to get them to show up to do this is by either loading into the vault or returning from being out in a quest location or a location being visited by a dweller exploring the wasteland as it usually causes the visit to happen with in five minutes or so of the vault loading in.

As you can see in the image I have a dweller who is t 75% happiness level in a training room so normally their happiness level will not go higher then this since they are in a room that doesn’t support raising it any higher.

And here you can see that B&C have arrived and caused it to raise up by 20% with her still in the trainning room. So now comes the trick to helping raise her happiness to full.

By adding the pet I raised her happiness to the max while B&C are visiting and by removing and then readding a couple times as needed it causes her normal happiness stat to raise higher as there is a glitch in the reading of her happiness levet that only occurs while the vault is being visited (I think the game gets confused and thinks that the dweller’s original happiness level is that of the bonus of the visiting B&C included when adding a pet and then goes back to saying ‘oh this person was at 95% happiness level when this pet was added let us reset it to 95% and oh look B&C are here, let us raise it another 20% for the event’ kind of deal).

Because as you can see now, it says instead of her being at 95% without a pet it shows her at 100% while B&C are visiting which means that her happiness has raised by at least 5% according to the image but is more likely 20%, but I can’t say for sure it is actually raised by that much as I tend to get too busy raising the moral of several dwellers at a time so as a precausion I usually dow it as saying their happiness has been raised by 15$ and add then remove the pet again to be sae in getting them to be at 100% when B&C leave.

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