Farming Simulator 22 – How to Uncap FPS

Today I will tell you how to remove FPS limit in Farming Simulator 22.

Guide to Unlock FPS

How-To (Step-by-Step)

  • Follow C:\Users*NAME*\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2022
  • Open “game.xml” in notepad
  • Find:
  • Replace it to:
  • Save file.
  • Launch game.

Way 1

  • Press ~ twice on your keyboard
  • Type “enableFramerateLimit false”

Way 2

  • Press ”F3” in main menu.

Happy gaming!

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  1. this works but be careful. I had done this on farm sim 17 and enjoyed for a little while. then out of the blue all of the sudden I could not turn my equipment to the right as it would not listen to my response. As it turned out, it was from doing this to my game files. I changed it back and all was well. so I am stuck back at a lousy 60 fps cap on fs 17. I don’t know why they even cap it out because normally you want at least 70 fps or more all the time for smoother gameplay.

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