FATAL FRAME / PROJECT ZERO: Maiden of Black Water – Keyboard Control Suggestion

This layout is just for example/reference purpose, not necessarily the best optimal layout, thus you might need to tweak it to fit your playstyle and comfort.

Keyboard Control Guide

The Layout

Controller Scheme used: Classic

  • Start = Key 2 = Open Map
  • Select = Key 1 = Open Main Game Menu
  • Button A = key E = Accept / Dodge Attack
  • Button B = key F = Cancel / Open Door / Action
  • Button X = key TAB = Open Camera Menu
  • Button Y = key N (or U or H) = Enter Aim Mode
  • Left Analog Stick = WASD / Movement Control
  • Right Analog Stick = IJKL / Camera Control
  • Left Analog Button (L3) = key X / Enter Photo Mode (also equals TAB + Q by this point)
  • Right Analog Button (R3) = key M = ???
  • Button LB = key Q = Tilt Camera Box Left (Aim Mode) / Parallel Walk Mode
  • Button RB = key O = Tilt Camera Box Right (Aim Mode)
  • Right Trigger = key SPACE = Take Camera Shot / Grab Items (Hold)
  • Left Trigger = key LSHIFT = Sprint (Hold) / Reset Camera / Lock-on
  • D-Pad Left = key Z = Switch Film Type (Left) / Photo Mode Menu Left
  • D-Pad Right = key C = Switch Film Type (Right) / Photo Mode Menu Down
  • D-Pad Up = key 3 = Photo Mode Menu Up
  • D-Pad Down = key 4 = Photo Mode Menu Down

You might need AutoHotkey to duplicate keys for convenient use, for example make LCTRL = key Q, which is responsible for Parallel Walk said above => Holding LCTRL will allow you to Parallel Walk with ease.

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