Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – How to Beat the Mazercise Puzzle

This maze sucks and I had to teach myself how it worked. I’m here to help you out with what I learned and what the game didn’t tell you.

Maze Layout

This Maze Is The Worst

The Maze is laid out in a complicated way, and the fact that you have to stare at a button away from the maze so you can’t tell what changed makes this puzzle so much harder, especially when it isn’t clear what it does.

The Maze is essentially a Flat Rubik’s Cube.

What this shows is how the room is laid out, where your goal is (the vent on the top) and how shuffling the buttons works and what it will move.

  • When the switch is set to vertical, it will move move 1-5 either up or down based off what square it is.
  • When the switch is set to horizontal, it will move 1-5 left or right based off what square it is.

To test how this works for yourself, try setting the switch to horizontal or vertical and push the 1 button 5 times, with every press, looking to see what has changed. You should see that pieces are being shuffled through and that it repeats, so all you have to is find the correct square and place it there.

The game itself doesn’t tell you what square goes there, instead it gives a hint saying that blue in the corner is the answer. THIS IS A LIE, NO BLUE PIECE WORKS IN THE CORNER Instead, your goal is to get THIS green piece to the top left corner of the maze, making it lead to the open vent.

My Solution

This is the easiest way I have found so far to solving the maze.

  • Press 3 while the light is on Up 3 times.
  • Flip the switch.
  • Press 1 while the light is on Left 1 time.
  • Flip the switch.
  • Press 3 while the light is on Up 3 times.
  • Flip the switch.
  • Press 1 while the light is on Left 2 times.
  • Press 2 while the light is on Right 3 times.

You should have an instant path going through the left door of the maze to the vent at the end.

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  1. Getting the dark green piece to the corner doesn’t immediately mean the puzzle is solved. You still have to f*ck with it afterwards to make it work, just so you all know.

  2. I figured out this maze by my self. And I have to say. It is in fact the worst. I have 14 hours in the game and 2 of those hours was figuring out that maze.

  3. the hint sayd “blue in corner” fuckin took me 2 hours to figure out ITS NOT BLUE THE GUY IS COLORBLIND

  4. This guide just saved me so much time solving that fuc*ing puzzle thx u so much for making this guide it completely works what ur solution is and now I can confront that damn Monty Gator!

  5. green square on the vent, and blue cross on right side door, a little bit of wiggling in the middle and boom, your in. that’s how my friend and I solved it for him.

    added 2 hrs of playtime to his game, worst maze ever.

  6. guide worked for me perfectly. reload your save at the maze controls and you’ll get it 100% of the time through the left door

  7. I love that the buttons are so close and poorly coded that you can accidentally press 4 or 2 while staring at the 3 button. ffs I love this game and the series but it’s unbearably buggy or poorly designed at times and it just makes the after 6 part a miserable experience.

  8. maze by far the most flawed puzzle in the game, without it game would still be great as it didnt even amount to much

  9. here’s an easy cheese because this puzzle sucks ass: set up the maze by pressing 1 left around 3 times, this will leave an open path with a single cover blocking the vent. get into freddy and walk up to the edge/corner, where you can see the vent clearly. get out of freddy, and the game will position you in the vent behind the stupid square. did this out of sheer frustration and it worked

  10. Got a big problem with the maze. I’m trapped in the maze and can’t get out or further because I can’t use the control panel. And all the lights are off from the buttons.

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