Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – 100% Full Achievement / Trophy Guide

Five Night’s at Freddy’s: Security Breach has 29 achievements/trophies. In this guide I’ll hopefully help you get all of them. It goes without saying, but there will be spoilers in this guide. I recommend that you save in new slots so you have back ups in case you pass something up.

How to Obtain All Achievements/Trophies


  • Get jump scared.

I’d be impressed if you missed this one.

Dodge and Weave

  • Successfully evade a bot in pursuit.

Completing the first chase sequence will earn you this achievement.


  • Escape the Daycare.

After completing the daycare segment where you activate the generators you will earn this achievement.

Pizza party

  • Make a pizza!

When given the options of choosing the “Prize Counter” or “Loading Dock”, go to the Loading Dock. Once there, play as normal and after you bake the pizza you will earn this achievement.

False alarm

  • Escape the Prize Counter office.

When given the options of choosing the “Prize Counter” or “Loading Dock”, go to the Prize Counter. Once there, play as normal and after you complete the security office mini-game you will earn this achievement.

Party time

  • Find a party pass.

Use the vent in Freddy’s room to Chica’s room and you’ll find the first party pass in there. Picking it up will earn this achievement.

Lazer ace

  • Beat Fazer Blast.

When given the options of choosing “Monty Golf” or “Fazer Blast”, go to Fazer Blast. Once there, play as normal and after you complete the mini-game, you will earn this achievement.

No room for dessert

  • Enter the bakery for the first time.

Simply enter the bakery to earn this achievement.

Say cheese

  • Stun 4 bots with a single camera flash.

Stun 4 of any robot with a single camera flash to earn this achievement. Easiest way to do this is to find a big group of staff bots and stun them all at once.

Speak, claw, and see no evil

  • Shatter Chica.

Complete the Chica bossfight.

  • Shatter Monty.

Complete the Monty bossfight.

  • Shatter Roxy.

Complete the Roxy bossfight.

You can only earn two of these before 6 am. To get the last one, either chose stay when your about to leave, or make a new save and do the respective boss fight.

Wub wub wub

  • Escape the West Arcade.

After activating all 4 breaker boxes and reaching the office, you will earn this achievement.


  • Survive until 6:00 am.

Reach the exit doors and you will earn this achievement (Note that you don’t have to leave to earn this, you will get it by simply reaching the door).

I am not me

  • Freddy is shattered.

Get the Disassembled ending.

This ending is relatively simple to achieve, requiring completion of the Fazer Blast mini-game. Once the Fazerblaster is obtained, head into a vent to the left of the table, and follow it up. It’s required to follow this all the way until a room with a window appears to the side, at this point Gregory will talk about Vanny, indicating that it’s completed.

After this point, simply reaching the doors at 6 AM adds an additional option to the exit text. Choose the new option and play until you get to the credits and you will earn this achievement.

Security breached

  • Get the highest security access possible.

Get security level 10 and you will earn this achievement.

Shattered dreams

  • Shatter all the animatronics.

If you’re doing these achievements in order you should have this. Simply shatter every animatronic by completing their respective boss fights.

A double edged sword

  • Maintenance log: Princess Quest 2 – Out of order.

To earn this achievement you must complete the first two Princess Quest arcade machines.

The first machine is located in the Glamrock Beauty Salon near Roxy Raceway, and the second is in the third floor of the West Arcade.

Note that you must complete the first princess quest, and finish the music man chase sequence to be able to play the second machine.

Up up and away

  • Maintenance log: Balloon World – Out of Order.

Complete the Ballon World arcade machine at ??? to earn this achievement.

Sugar high

  • Complete the Fizzy Faz Challenge.

Under par

  • Get a low score on golf.

Go to the “Monty’s Gator Golf” arcade machine inside of the Monty Golf area and try to get a very low score to will earn this achievement.

Hazard pay

  • Find the source of Roxy Raceway’s problems.

Access the elevator at Roxy Raceway by using the 3 shattered animatronic parts.

Are you having fun yet?

  • Get the Good ending.

Get the Good ending.

To unlock this ending, you must play all three Princess Quest arcade machines around the map. The first of these is near Roxy Raceway, in the Glamrock Beauty Salon. The second can be found in DJ Music Man’s arcade. The third is at the end of the Disassembled ending, in the room with the button. All three must be played in order.

After completing the third arcade machine, you will earn this achievement.


  • Zap a performer in the theater.

Shoot the staff bot preforming at the daycare theater with the fazblaster and you will earn this achievement.


  • Break 10 plates.

By breaking 10 plates you will earn this achievement.

Hide and seek master

  • Never use a hiding spot.

Complete the entire game without using a hiding spot to earn this achievement.

Very important person, and lost and found

  • Find all collectible messages.

Open every single bag around the pizzaplex to earn this achievement

  • VIP – Find all prizes in the game.

Open every single present box around the pizzaplex to earn this achievement.

Note that as of the time writing this guide, no one has found every single one of either of these, once they do I will post a guide in this section.

Trophy time

  • Get all other acievements in the game.

Once you complete your last achievement, this one will be earned with it.


Written by Duster


  1. Can anybody help me with an issue i’m having? i got all of the trophies on steam and its supposed to give me the last one “trophy time” for having all the rest but it never did..does any one know how to fix this?

  2. hide and seek master is the equivalent of “live your entire life without touching grass”) im gonna get all the achievements so thats gonna be fun! thanks

    • The balloon boy arcade can be found at the theater in the daycare, the door is covered by an poster of an foxy’s movie

    • It’s really not as hard as it sounds, my dude/dudette. You can still hide behind things and the animatronics will lose sight of you as if you used a hiding spot

  3. For Up Up and Away, it’s actually for a secret area you have to access by taking photos of standups around the mall, then a secret door opens in the daycare theater.

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