Cookie Clicker – How to Make Juicy Queenbeets Plantable

A simple guide on how to make the normally unplantable Juicy Queenbeet, plantable.

Guide to Make Juicy Queenbeets Plantable

How It Works

This “fix” is simple as all you are doing is changing a single line of code in the garden minigame. The line of code “plantable:false” is all that is preventing the Juicy Queenbeet from being plantable.

Locating The minigameGarden.js file

Open file explorer and go to the following folder:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cookie Clicker\resources\app\src

In this folder you will see a file about halfway down called “minigameGarden.js”

Editing The File

  1. To edit the file, open notepad and drag and drop the minigameGarden.js file onto it.
  2. The notepad should rename itself to minigameGarden.js and be filled with code.
  3. Scroll down until you see “queenbeetLump.” It is located on line 356.
  4. Change the string of text on line 359 from “plantable:false” to “plantable:true”
  5. Close notepad. It will ask you if you want to save, click yes.
  6. Relaunch Cookie Clicker.

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