Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – All Glitches Guide

A guide to what seems to be Security Breach’s best kept secret, starting with Balloon World. This guide contains spoilers.

Follow the Glitches


Hello, and welcome! If you’re not up to date on the current secrets of Security Breach, this is a short guide on how to complete the steps and catch up.

To access this secret, you’ll need to have the Faz Camera from Monty’s Mini Golf. If you got the Fazblaster first, you’ll have to choose the ‘Stay’ option at 6 AM and use your second Play Pass to obtain it. Do keep in mind that you’ll be unable to save (unless you pick up the Damaged Head in Roxy Raceaway again which sets the clock back to 5:15, allow you to save) so be extra careful running around the Pizzaplex.

The Poster

This secret begins with this poster located in the Daycare Theater. You can find it by running straight ahead if entering from upstairs. This poster is actually covering a door that can only be opened if you use the Faz Camera on the pirate cutouts featured on this poster.

Once the cutouts have been flashed, the eyes will light up on both the cutout and the poster.

When the eyes of all four characters are lit up, the door will open when you walk towards it.

The Cutouts


Chica’s cutout is located in Kid’s Cove, sitting to the right of the large Foxy statue.


Freddy’s cutout is found in the rehearsal room. Go to the back of Rockstar Row and enter the door just past the vent. You’ll find the cutout to the left of the save point.


Bonnie’s cutout is found in the back of the West Arcade. Head up the stairs and go to the Princess Quest 2 machine, the same place you flipped the breaker and ran away from DJ Music Man.


Foxy’s cutout is found in the storage area below the Daycare Theater. Head into the back left room past the Endos and you’ll find him against the wall in the room with a bunch of other cardboard cutouts.

Balloon World

After opening the door and running down the corridor, crawl through the tunnel to access the Balloon World arcade machine.

Playing the game is simple; click/press space bar quickly to set off. Click to float up, don’t click to fall down. Your goal is to find the purple glitches that pop up in obstacles and fly into it.

Once you’ve flown into them, the screen will glitch. There will be a glitchy path made up of bits of obstacle sprites. Hitting the glitch is enough to get the achievement and trigger an autosave, so it’s possible this is enough for the secret. However, there’s still more that can happen here. Stay on the glitched path as long as you can. There will be more glitches coming up if you leave the path and the game returns to normal.

The path and the ground will eventually come to an end.

The sun will suddenly move to the center of the screen, taking up the entire background. Glitchy purple text reads ‘good night’.

The arcade game will now end, and you’ll be back in control of Gregory.

The Next Step

Currently, we’ve made it as far as we can. Logically, the next step forward is Chica’s Feeding Frenzy. A few messages you get throughout the game are maintenance logs for the various playable arcade games. These include Princess Quest, Monty’s AR Golf, Balloon World, and none other than Chica’s Feeding Frenzy. The game being unplayable makes no sense, and there’s no other logical step forward.

It’s also very much worth noting that the Chica’s Feeding Frenzy machine can have this red visual; it appears to be where the ‘play’ trigger would go, almost as if we’re intended to be able to play it but it’s currently bugged.

This next section will be talking about assets found in the game files and as such not been discovered ingame yet. Please open the following spoilers at risk.

Looking in the files of the game, we can find a large number of assets related to Chica’s Feeding Frenzy. Some important names to note in these two screenshots are A_CFF_Pickup_Glitch and Player_sfx_minigame_chicaFF_glitchMode_lp. Which other minigame that we’ve just played has a ‘glitch mode’, and what did the message next to it say? To glitch them all at the same time.

I can say without a doubt that this minigame will be involved, though the question remains. Is it currently glitched and unplayable, or are we missing a step?

It’s also worth noting that there’s a Balloon Boy course in the AR golf.


Written by sunny


  1. One of them is through the monty gate in the first aid room where freddy takes you at the start of the game.

  2. It should be noted that these CDs apparently only show up if you look at them with an eye-upgraded Freddy first.

  3. It’s strange because I’m missing 1 CD and it seems that it’s the one near the main stage on the ground, but when I take Freddy I don’t see it (my Freddy is fully upgraded). I don’t understand :/

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