Sons Of The Forest – The Virginia Complex (The AI Companion)

I am writing my pointers on how I obtained Virginia in 5-7 days, on my second play-through as I completed the first in 17.5 hours, and failed to make companion with Virginia.

Comprehensive Virginia Guide

As-of current, in my newest game, she is a companion AI of mine. Clothed in her newly obtained leather outfit, dual wielding a shotgun and pistol.

Intro to Virginia

I saw the mutant-female hiding behind a tree observing me as I ran by collecting water from a local pond. I put no real thought into it, because I watched the previews I was aware of who she was, I just had no concern of how to obtain her at the moment. Virginia, doesn’t have to be sought after, she will find you. So let her chase you, literally do your thing, give it 1-3 days, she’ll find you (so long as you’re not in snow).

First Play-Through

Virginia and I had a rocky relationship the first play-through. This is either because of two circumstances, or one of two. The first was that I accidentally shot her in the middle of an invasion, with a shotgun. I did not kill her, but she was taken off her feet. The second could be that maybe she does not want to be attached to you after the campaign has been completed. I did not actually try to obtain her until after I beat the game’s story, however, I shot her before I completed the game (as stated above). So it could be just the gun shot, but, game completion could also play a role.

New/Current Play-Through

I decided on a second play-through because I completed the game in less than 18 hours, just grinding the story in fast-mode. I wanted a second play-through mainly to befriend Virginia, but also to explore, relax, and take my time, read the little details in the game that I likely missed on my speed-run.

So what I did here, was write down a list of what I noticed about Virginia, that might contradict or agree to a guide you have read:

  • Virginia does not care if you have a weapon in your hand, she will back away from you at first one way or another.
  • You do not reduce your chances with Virginia if you kill, shoot, or beat someone to death in front of her, she only dislikes if you hit her.
  • Virginia will run away, if you approach her, it’s not you, it is just her default action.
  • Virginia takes a little time to warm up to the player, however in real-time we’re talking 5-7 in-game days to obtain her from start.
  • No matter where you are, Virginia will leave you a gift; read below.
  • Virginia does not instantly trust you, the player must still pursue her.
  • If you shoot Virginia or think you shot her, just reload your save, no reason to chance it if that mechanic is true.
  • Virginia is deadly with her dual wield weapon options, and Kelvin is, well, useless.

Two independent times in the first 5-7 days of obtaining Virginia in the new story, I was firing on enemies with Virginia right near me, both suppressed weapon and not; sound, weapons and murder around her does not seem to affect her, only if you directly attack her.

Virginia takes a little time to warm up, don’t get impatient. There is no proof that if you pursue her she continues to run further; no one has tried this, I have run toward her and had her run off, it changed nothing.

I received my gift when Virginia came to me in the midst of the evening, middle of a raid on my camp. I am shooting cannibals left and right, while Virginia is standing there not-moving holding berries telling me she has a gift. Despite all the action, I missed the calling and she ran off into the woods before I could collect my gift — she comes back!

She came back the next day, I heard her say ‘gift,’ as I was on my lookout post, she left the berries at the foot of my door. I ran down to eat them, and then the next day when I saw her off in the distance, I ran to her, I kept distance, but she sat down, grabbed her knees and sat still. I ran up, she didn’t move, then i saw the E button appear; I knew she was mine! Equipped her with the leather outfit and dual weapons, and a tag.

Virginia is Flaky

Virginia is not a domesticated cat, and she’s not Kelvin. Kevlin is like having a pet rock, it is where you are, it’s in the way, it’s pointless, and yeah. Virginia is like a dog that wanders the forest aimlessly for days, but when she shows up and defends the base, she was greatly missed. Virginia gives a whole new meaning to ‘one shot drop,’ ammunition.

Virginia Talks

Virginia will tell you that she is giving a gift, if you listen, she will say ‘gift,’ if she is around at night or sometimes day, but you don’t see her, she will hum.

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