Fortias Saga: Action Adventure – Gameplay Tips for Heroes

Heroes Guide

Note: This is not a Tier List but it might help newbies, Heroess can change their purpose based on their Equipment Substats.

  • Lucius: Good at red stars.
  • Lydia: Good for everything.
  • Daena: Good at red stars.
  • Gale: OP at 200k HP.
  • Aldrych: Good for dungeons and campaign. (Good for pvp at 4stars).
  • Graldur: Good for everything.
  • Azarish: Good for everything.
  • Elduin: Above average for everything.
  • Zannia: Good for dungeons and campaign.
  • Viren: Good for single bosses.
  • Melaena: Good for everything. (OP teaming with Arrely).
  • Arrely: Above average for everything. (OP after 2stars).
  • Miriel: OP healer.
  • Reinhard: OP with CD gear.
  • Gilderion: OP for dungeons and campaign.
  • Eris: Good for everything. (OP for dungeons teaming with Gilderion).

Equipment Promotion increases the “Fixed” stat and not their “Substat”, so it would be pointless to Promote an Equipment that doesnt help your Hero.

  • Weapon = ATK
  • Armor = HP
  • Necklace = Magic Res
  • Ring = Armor

Equipments recommended to Promote for each Hero:

  • Lucius = Weapon
  • Lydia = Weapon / Necklace
  • Daena = Weapon
  • Gale = Armor
  • Aldrych = Necklace
  • Graldur = Ring / Armor
  • Azarish = Necklace / Armor
  • Elduin = Weapon
  • Zannia = Weapon / Necklace
  • Viren = Weapon
  • Melaena = Armor / Ring
  • Arrely = Weapon
  • Miriel = Weapon
  • Reinhard = Necklace
  • Gilderion = Weapon
  • Eris = Armor

Heroes Combination

Campaign / Dungeon:

  • Elduin (Fast Clear)
  • Eris (More Enemies=Tankier, CD Reduction to allies)
  • Zannia (AoE Damages)
  • Gilderion (AoE Damages + Bonus Attribute Stacks)
  • Aldrych (Extra Minions for longer fight)

Arena / Tower:

  • Arrely (AoE Damage + Last Dance Skill)
  • Viren (Clearing + Instant kill for heroes who have below 20% HP [After Lydia lowering their HP])
  • Lydia (Killing some heroes or lowering their HP)
  • Gilderion (AoE Damages + 20% HP reduction to nearby enemies if someone died)
  • Miriel (Blocking all Skills at start of battle)

I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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