Dark and Darker – Best Duo / Trio Cleric Build

Guide to Best Duo / Trio Cleric Build: The Pocket Cleric


  • Lesser Heal, Holy Light, Sanctuary, Prot, Holy Strike

Phase out Prot for Earthquake with enough knowledge, phase out holy strike for resurrection with enough knowledge.

Perks / Skills:

Holy Aura OR Requiem, Perseverance, Overheal, Advance Healer; Judgement and Spell Memory.

Best Weapon:

Anything but the war hammer and a heater or buckler shield; spellbook.

Best Armors to Use:

Great Helm or Hounskull; Crusader/Champion Armor; Heavy Leather Leggings or Padded Leggings or Leather Chausses; Rugged Boots or Low Boots; Rawhides or Mystic Gloves or Reinforced or Leather Gloves; Jewelry and Cape should be ideally Vigor Knowledge or Will base.


  • Heal and healer, hit judgement on a fool when they push your team.

Do Not’s:

  • Pull out your weapon and try to fight as the support when you can heal.

Best Stats to Look For:

Magical healing on items that can roll it (jewelry, spellbook, chest), knowledge to get to 50% casting speed OR to required memory capacity (whichever is higher), magic power or magic damage bonus, vigor, will, health.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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