Fortias Saga: Action Adventure – New Player Guide with Tips

Beginners Guide


Best Heroes for the “Tutorial” free x10 summons (At least 1 UR guaranteed):

  • Arrely (OP) Helps with everything.
  • Miriel (OP) Helps with everything.
  • Elduin not OP but helps with everything too.
  • Gilderion (OP) only in Dungeons and Campaign.

Treasure Chests give you 2 Hero Gacha Tickets and there are 16 Chests in Town.

[This takes a week] Tavern lvl4 (Account lvl30) is where you want to spent most of your Gacha Tickets (better chances of UR), if necessary use at most 50 before that. (Best to wait for lvl5)

Idle Rewards

Claim 12Hrs (Max) for better rewards Keys, Gacha Tickets, Hero Shards commonly appear from the Hour 8 to 12 always use 130% option

You Can Get:

  • Gold
  • Hero EXP
  • Enhancement Stones
  • Ruby
  • Wood
  • Bread
  • Keys
  • Gacha Tickets
  • Hero Shards

Codex Upgrades

Codex Increases potentially your Heroes stats, located at the Town Hall and you can check how to get more Exploration Medals by clicking the Scroll.


1-10 and 5-30 are good spots to farm, find out which one suits you better.

By manually repeating specific Stages you can farm: Gold, Ruby, Summon Tickets and Equip Boxes (Sweep not recommended)


  • Spider Queen: Lots of Gold, Ruby, Hero/Equip Summon Ticket, Equip Boxes [Random amount of Gold and Ruby]
  • Mimics: Gold, Ruby, Hero/Equip Summon Ticket, Equip Boxes. [Fixed amount of Gold and Ruby]
  • Nest: Ruby, Hero/Equip Summon Ticket, Equip Boxes. [Fixed amount of Gold and Ruby]

Spider Queen and Mimics drop rates are similar and Nest have the lowest. Spider Queen needs time to appear, while the Mimic is always there (kill and go). Gold drop is guaranteed.

General Tips

If you dont have spesific hero on the recommended above you may try to focus your hero exp to 1 dps only coz he need a lot of hp and atk. Focus your best equip and rss like mats from ToD for this hero only. Tested and its worked. It even help you to being decent in PvP too. In camp it will be surelly easy too.

But the next problem arise when facing miriel and i still not finding the counter for this problem for newborn user. May be someone else have the solution.

Before you use your gatcha upgrade first your tavern as long your heroes can stand a fight in a battle field… upgrade first all your building before doing upgrading etc.

Dont forget to use up Refresh everyday to take a chance to get free items from Arena shop, black market.

It’s better not to spend your 3000gems on gacha. Instead buy 10 for 2000 gems, 3 for 675 gems or when there is atleast a10% discount.

Adventure level advice: Kill every enemies some drop gold or gems gather all recources u can find sparkly trees and red ores for wood and gems u can find hidden chests in some stages so do each stage twice (if u can’t 3 star while raiding the forest) the 1st time for looting the second for 3 staring stages.

Tower of Darkness / Lydia’s Arc

Lydia’s Arc Part 1 (Easy)

  • You will only need Arrely, doesn’t matter the position.

Lydia’s Arc Part 2 (Hard)

  • You will need Miriel and Arrely 3⭐ in specific spots [1 and 5]
  • Lydia’s Beam will kill [1 2 3 and 4] or [2 3 4 and 5]
  • Place Miriel in the safe spot and Arrely in the other [1 and 5]

Obviously it can be done with any other Team as long as its strong enough.

Ultimate Equipment Stat Values

Ultimate equipment stats have a range of values that can drop:

Main Stat (Max):

  • Armour: 1000
  • Necklace/ring: 26
  • Weapon: 260

Substat (Max):

  • HP: 26%/5000
  • Attack: 26%/1234
  • Magic Res: 26%/123
  • Armor: 26%/123
  • Atk speed: 12%
  • Lifesteal: 12%
  • Crit rate: 12%
  • Crit dmg: 36%
  • Cooldown reduction: 20%

Gold and Woods for the Upgrades

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UR Heroes to Look Out For

Hero: Miriel

Extremely powerful support, can heal, buff, resurrect teammates, and debuff enemies (cannot be blocked by immunity skills! 2nd skill). IMO top 1 support.

Equipment Build:

  • As much cooldown reduction and attack as possible is best since all her skills scale off based on attack stat.
  • HP decent for increased survivability.
  • Lifesteal semidecent for selfsustain.
  • Crit/atkspeed semidecent since building atk stat makes her damage high.
  • Any defensive substat (armour, magic res) is not as good.

Hero: Gale

This tank is crazy good because of skillset, surviving teammates give him extra attack speed, every 4th attack(at max upgrade) activates damage + silence debuff skill, every attack has a chance to 1 shot enemies (except boss, deals 5% of boss hp) and chance increases based on how much hp he has. Active skill deals true damage (ignores armor) based on his hp as well. Very easy to build equipment and skillset very good. IMO top 1 tank

Best Equipment Build:

  • As much hp and attack speed as possible.
  • Lifesteal semi decent but I dont know how effective it will be for sustain.
  • Armor and magic res not bad but not as good as hp since hp directly buff skills and tankiness.
  • Cooldown reduction decent.
  • Attack/crits worst.

Tier List: SR Heroes

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I hope this was helpful to you!

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