Forza Horizon 5 – How to Reset My Progress

How to Reset the Progress

Here is what you have to do, do NOT skip a step or else it will not work!

Go to this folder:

  • 1 – Remove data and go offline:
  • 1.1 – Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\NUMBER\ and delete the folder 1551360
  • 1.2 – Right on your forza game here on steam, properties, disable the cloud saving
  • 1.3 – Go to your network settings and disable your network (disable your internet)
  • 2 – Launch the game offline:
  • 2.1 Launch the game, press X to enter accessibility settings, B to go back and then go to settings and configure the game the way you like. TIP: there will be no controller settings layouts, you have to configure every button\axis manually;
  • 2.2 – Press B (or esc) to go back and save the settings;
  • 2.3 – Do not start the Adventure – just exit the game using ALT+F4 because there will be no “exit” option
  • 3 – Overwriting the save:
  • 3.1 – Go to your network settings, enable your internet;
  • 3.2 – Right click on your game (steam library), properties, enable save game;
  • 3.3 – Launch the game – now a steam popup will appear asking if you want use the cloud save OR the LOCAL save – choose local save so you will upload the “new” save to the steam cloud.
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