Frostpunk – Starting Strategy Guide

How to Start (Strategy Tips)

Assign most people on gathering wood, some on coal (5-8 people), then assign 15 engineers on the steel to the south. Get emergency shift law signed right away. When you get enough resources for a research building then place it on the path to the south and unassign 5 people from the metal pile. Then you can start researching on your first day.

After the first day shift is over you should construct a gathering post, probably to the south as well as a medical tent. If you have more build more gathering posts. Run an emergency shift once on the gathering post once it’s built (only one, don’t use it ever again). Then you’ll get a trickle of resources and might want to either build more gathering posts or some tents.

On the second evening you would build a cook house and probably the rest of the tents for everyone.

That’s what I would do each playthrough.

What to research first? I’ll leave that to you. You could get the beacon up (requires that you gathered enough steel) or you could go for the lumber mill so there’s jobs for everyone. You also want heaters but this could be your second research. You should also build a second workshop.

A good start makes all the difference, or you might be left catching up. There’s obviously more you can do and need to do but this would be a good start to the game.

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