Gigantic: Rampage Edition – Current Oru Build Guide

The damage of his base kit is high, but I find his mobility and self-peel to be pretty lacking, so that’s what I focus on prioritizing in this build!

Guide to Current Oru Build

The Build


  • Cut the Deck

Left Click Attack

  • Judge and Jury
  • Short Sentence

Right Click Ability

  • Close to the Chest
  • Discarded

Q Ability

  • The Long Game
  • Judging from Afar

E Ability

  • Starstruck
  • Starblind

F Ability

  • Endurance
  • Easy Strider

Build Order

  • F > F > R > E > L > L > E > R > Q > Q


The build order is flexible of course. I like to rush both of the passives because Oru is so immobile. Improves chase potential and survivability. He has more than enough damage in the base kit to delay the damage oriented upgrades.

Then I get the two CC perks online. And follow up the basic attack upgrades start reducing CD on right click. Then I finish off the CC perks to make em stronger. I upgrade the Q last because it isn’t consistent and it’s mostly used for zoning.

Main combo of this deck is the right click into E. You can knock them back if they get close, and then stun them when they land. With the chosen talent, it’s easy to mark an entire team with right click, and stun 3-5 people to win a fight. This is a lot of pressure and punishes enemies for grouping or passing through chokes!

The build works well to keep melees off you, and sets your team up for big burst when team fighting! I find the knock back into stun combo is just really fun to play and the kill potential is high. Also, there is plenty of potential for environmental cliff kills with the knock back on right click.

With the left click upgrades, you can really spam out the right clicks! Easy to bully enemies with the low CD knockback + slow (and good AOE dmg for team fights)!

The game has only been out for 2 days now, but I’m easily getting top damage, most kills, and lowest deaths in most my games with this build!

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