Hero’s Hour – Skirmish #29 Guide

Quick guide on how to beat this garbage level so you don’t waste as much time as me.

Unit List

  • 20 Bearguards
  • 4 Seamares
  • 50 Seastars
  • 4 Flamebirds


This map is an RNG fiesta. There’s no method to win consistently, since the outcome depends on 2 random factors: map terrain and behavior of the polar cavalry. The rest is fairly consistent, but you need to control these 2 factors. There are 4 steps to achieving victory.

1) The least amount of map obstacles

You want as much open space as possible. More obstacles reduce your chances, less obstacles improve your chances.

2) Defend until the polar cavarly comes close

The 2 polar calvary always run at you, stay back as far as possible and defend so your units won’t move. Once they reach striking distance, change to attack mode.

3) Blow up the polar cavalry at the start

This step is very RNG. You don’t have to kill both units immediately, but you should at least damage them severely by removing 80-90% of their HP. Success depends on map obstacles, if the cavalry charges your line, which direction they move, auto targeting, etc. Basically: the more space between the cavalry and the rest of the enemy → the more time you have to kill them → the better your chances. If you don’t do this, the cavalry will just break your line and you lose.

4) Use flamebirds to flank the deadeyes

The timing on this is a little tricky, because it coincides with the timing of changing your army to attack mode. Again: the less obstacles on the map, the better. Since flamebirds have resurrection and dodge, you want them to flank the deadeyes before they start shooting your seastars. This gives the seastars time to swarm/destroy the cavalry and hillkeepers.

If everything works, the sequence goes: polar cavalry charges, no obstacles so they reach you fast, you have time to blow them up. The flamebirds attack the deadeyes on their flank, and the bearguards on your flanks frighten the paragons/deadeyes, buying the seastars enough time to massacre their ranks. The polar cavalry is dead, so your line won’t break.

Layout & Maneuvers

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