GTA 3 – 100% All Hidden Package, Stunt, RC & Rampage Missions and Body Armor Locations (The Definitive Edition)

Locations of Unique Jumps and Packages.

Package Locations

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Every 10 packages you collect will unlock a weapon/item at your safehouses:

  • 10 Hidden Packages – Pistol
  • 20 Hidden Packages – Uzi
  • 30 Hidden Packages – Grenades
  • 40 Hidden Packages – Shotgun
  • 50 Hidden Packages – Armor
  • 60 Hidden Packages – Molotov Cocktails
  • 70 Hidden Packages – AK-47
  • 80 Hidden Packages – Sniper Rifle
  • 90 Hidden Packages – M-16
  • 100 Hidden Packages – Rocket Launcher and $1,000,000

Unique Jump Locations

After each successful Unique Jump, you will receive $5,000, multiplied by the number of jumps completed, meaning that by completing all 20 you will receive a total of $1,000,000, as well as progress towards 100% completion and the Wheels Up achievement. While completing these, it is advised to save regularly due to the game’s tendency to crash.

Completed jumps will not save if it does crash, as the game will only autosave upon starting or ending any named mission.

There are 8 Unique Jumps available on Portland, 4 available on Staunton Island, and 8 available on Shoreside Vale.

RC Mission Locations

Rampage Locations

It is highly recommended you do these before completing the missions that make the gangs hostile and upgraded, as it allows you to deal with easier weaponry and to get the jump on the gang members without them all immediately attacking you. In the event any ambulances arrive during a Rampage, you can re-kill the gang members that the paramedics revive and they will still count towards the mission. If you are doing Rampages after gangs are hostile, then you can make them unhostile by getting a wanted level of 2 or higher, as with the police after you the gangs will no longer attack.

Body Armor Locations

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All-in-One Map

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