Gym League – All Machines Guide and Their Stats

The game is based around growing muscles and competing in competitions to become the strongest, You lift weight in machines in order to gain muscles. There’s stamina and if stamina reaches 0 you are unable to lift muscles for a while.

Guide to Gym Machines

Machine’s are used for training certain parts of your body, each machine can train 1-3 body part’s at a time depending on the machine.

Recommended Stamina for All Gyms:

  • Beach Gym: 1K
  • Underground Gym: 100K
  • The Gym: 1-10M
  • Golden Gym: 500M
  • Cyber Gym: 50-100B



  • Stamina: 100%



  • Back: 50%
  • Abs: 30%
  • Legs: 20%

Push Press


  • Shoulders: 70%
  • Triceps: 30%

Front Squat


  • Calves: 70%
  • Legs: 30%

Bench Press


  • Chest: 60%
  • Triceps: 20%
  • Shoulders: 20%

Leg Press


  • Legs: 70%
  • Calves: 30%

Wrist Curl


  • Forearm: 70%
  • Biceps: 30%

Chest Press


  • Chest: 50%
  • Triceps: 30%
  • Shoulders: 20%

Hammer Curl


  • Biceps: 70%
  • Forearm: 30%

Triceps Curl


  • Triceps: 70%
  • Forearm: 30%

Bar Fix


  • Back: 40%
  • Biceps: 40%
  • Chest: 20%

Lat Pulldown


  • Back: 60%
  • Biceps: 30%
  • Forearm: 10%



  • Abs: 70%
  • Legs: 30%

Gameplay FAQ

Why can’t I upgrade my body alter?

You will need 100% stats in everything, By checking your Stats UI on the left of the screen.

Do boosts stack together?

Yes, you can use as many boosts as you want.

How do I claim quests?

Click quests at the top of your screen and then click claim.

How does auto-train work?

It automatically loads your weights and trains them for you, also occasionally taking breaks for stamina. Afterwards, it repeats the process.

Why is my stamina going down so fast?

As you progress to each gym, please make sure you spend a lot of time of the treadmill. You should have at least 10x the amount you had before in the next gym.

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