Hades 2 – Boon Selection Guide

Boon Selection Procedure

Phase 1: Priority Boons

If you have no core boons (attack/special/cast/sprint/gain), 3 core boons are selected as priority boons. Then if neither attack nor special has been selected, one of these is replaced by either attack or special.

If you have at least one core boon, 1 core boon you do not have is selected as a priority boon. If there is an eligible replacement core boon, there is a 10% chance a priority core will be a Sacrifice (replacement). (Not applicable for the first few runs on a fresh save)

If you have an eligible priority status boon (Slippery Slope, Dazzling Display, Furnace Blast), there is a 25% chance it is selected as a priority boon.

Phase 2: Regular Boons

At this point you have between 0 and 3 priority boons. For the remaining 3 to 0 slots, the following process takes place per slot.

  • If legendary is eligible, roll for Legendary chance. If successful, pick the legendary.
  • If failed, roll for Duo chance. If successful, pick a random eligible duo.
  • If failed or none eligible, roll for Epic rarity chance.
  • If fails, roll for Rare rarity chance.
  • If fails, a Common will be offered. (Note that as far as I can tell, Infusion boons are considered Common for the purposes of this system.)

Once rarity is selected, pick a random eligible boon (not Duo/Legendary).

  • If there are not enough eligible boons remaining, the remaining slots will be filled with eligible Sacrifice (replacement) cores.
  • If there are still remaining slots and Vow of Forsaking is not active, fill them with eligible boons that didn’t hit the rarity chance in the previous pass (this will be Legendaries first, then Duos).

Sidenote: The rarity rolls actually happen in the opposite order in this game and higher rarity selections will override lower ones, but the math works out the same and this description seems more intuitive to me.

Phase 3: Rerolling

If you reroll a boon screen, one of the offered boons from the screen will be 100% ineligible to appear on the rerolled screen. This is checked after the priority selection, so a priority boon that should be offered can be removed in this way.

Differences to Hades

  • There are 5 proper cores now (Call boons in Hades occupy a slot, but do not have priority and cannot be replaced). Attack and Special have special status to ensure at least one of them will be offered if you have no cores.
  • Legendary and Duo are separate rarities now, with Legendary being “higher”. This means that if you’re trying to get a specific legendary, opening up duos will not reduce your chances. Conversely, opening up the legendary will still reduce duo chances though.
  • Priority status boons have a 25% chance of being offered as a priority boon instead of 50%.
  • Infusions exist (they count as commons for these purposes as far as I can tell though).

Rarity Chances

Normal base values:

  • Rare: 10%
  • Epic: 5%
  • Duo: 12%
  • Legendary: 10%

Erebus Miniboss base values:

  • Rare: 90%
  • Epic: 7%
  • Duo: 12%
  • Legendary: 5%

Oceanus/Fields/Ephyra/Thessaly Miniboss base values:

  • Rare: 90%
  • Epic: 10%
  • Duo: 12%
  • Legendary: 5%

Tartarus Miniboss base values:

  • Rare: 90%
  • Epic: 10%
  • Duo: 20%
  • Legendary: 20%

Hermes base values:

  • Rare: 6%
  • Epic: 3%
  • Legendary: 1%

Expensive Tartarus shop boon base values (including Hermes):

  • Rare: 90%
  • Epic: 25%
  • Duo: 12% (except Hermes ofc)
  • Legendary: 10%


  • Excellence arcana card (fully upgraded/with extra level from Circe): +50%/+60% Rare chance
  • Divinity arcana card (fully upgraded/with extra level from Circe): +20%/+25% Epic chance
  • The Queen arcana card (fully upgraded/with extra level from Circe): +10%/+12% Duo chance
  • Chaos’ Favor boon: +40% to +100% Rare chance (range depends on rarity of the Chaos boon), +10% Epic chance, +10% Legendary chance
  • Natural Selection (Poseidon/Demeter duo): +20% Rare chance, +10% Epic chance, +10% Legendary chance
  • Yarn of Ariadne well item: +100% Rare chance, +25% Epic chance, +10% Legendary chance

I hope you found this helpful!

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