Hades 2 – How to Beat 32 Fear with Pan + Slow Cooker

Beating 32 Fear is hard, but there are some pretty good ways to do it. I’m going to post build guide.

Aspect of Pan + Slow Cooker (Easy Build)

Aspect of Pan allows Mel to strike at the enemy with a flurry of targeted strikes, that’s we’re going to increase the Power of by using Slow Cooker, the elemental infusion from Hestia. Hephastus is going to start us off, and either Hera or Apollo will round out the build.


  • I Sorceress
  • IV Death
  • V Messenger
  • VI Furies
  • VII Titan
  • X Lovers
  • XI Swift Runner
  • XII Eternity
  • XIII Centaur
  • XVI Fates
  • XVII Boatman
  • XVIII Origination
  • XXI Seer
  • XXII Champions

Artificer Variant:

  • Remove Swift Runner, Origination, and Furies
  • XXIII Artificer

Companion: Frinos

We want the max HP and projectile block for Erebus.

Core Fear

Total Fear: 20

  • Vow of Destitution II
  • Vow of Arrogance II
  • Vow of Forasking I
  • Vow of Desperation II
  • Vow of Wandering II
  • Vow of Scars II
  • Vow of Fury II

My Preference to 32:

  • Vow of Desperation III
  • Vow of Blood III
  • Vow of Dominance II

Pan excells at killing single enemies, but if you want, you can drop Desperation III and add Haunting, Rebuke, or Suffering or lower Blood depending on what you like.


  • Adamant Shard
  • God keepsakes to get Hestia
  • then Hera/Apollo
  • Experimental Hammer
  • Tartarus: Silver Wheel if your Gain sucks
  • Luckier Tooth if not

How to Play

  • Unload on enemies that are in your cast with your omega special.
  • Pan Omega special can be a bit weak early on, so we’re starting Heph.
  • and taking his Attack so we can burst enemies down in Erebus.
  • Hestia is core as well – Slow Cooker can get up to 10-14 Power pretty reliably.
  • After that it’s Apollo for the special or Hera for Spiteful Strength.
  • Make sure you get 2 of dazed, vent, hitch and scorch if running Origination.
  • Hammers are very good on Pan so Experimental Hammer should give you huge value.

Victory Screenshot:

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