Hades 2 – How to Beat 32 Fear with Momus + Poseidon

Aspect of Momus + Poseidon (Easy Build)

As of early access patch 1, flat damage increases and the keyword “Power” are two of the strongest things in the game at dealing damage on spammable basic moves, like the Staff Special.

This build uses Momus + Poseidon to deal insane damage from very early on in the game, and White Antler to scale into the lategame.


  • III Huntress
  • V Messenger
  • VI Furies
  • IX Night
  • X Lovers
  • XII Eternity
  • XV Strength
  • XVI Fates
  • XVIII Origination
  • XXII Champions

Safer Variant:

  • Remove Strength
  • XVII Boatman
  • XXI Seer

Companion: Either

I prefer Frinos for a faster/easier Hecate fight, and Toula’s Death Defiance puts you above White Antler.

Core Fear

Total Fear: 23

  • Vow of Panic I
  • Vow of Arrogance II
  • Vow of Forasking I
  • Vow of Desperation II
  • Vow of Wandering II
  • Vow of Scars II
  • Vow of Fury II

My Preference to 32:

  • Vow of Desperation III
  • Vow of Destitution II
  • Vow of Blood II
  • Vow of Commotion I
  • Vow of Scars III

We actively want Scars and Panic to keep us in range of White Antler, Strength, and Huntress. If you are doing the Safer Variant, Keep Scars at 2 and add Vow of Dominance II to make up for it. You can also drop desperation III and add more Blood and Dominance if you want.


  • Vivid Sea
  • White Antler

Safer Variant:

  • Vivid Sea
  • Any god keepsake that will trigger Origination
  • Engraved Pin/Experimental Hammer
  • Luckier Tooth

How to Play

  • Stand back and shoot things. Get out of their way.
  • We’re taking Poseidon’s Wave Flourish and looking for Slip.
  • Crashing Wave, and then his legendary.
  • Look for other gods that help apply statuses for Origination, like Demeter.
  • Or help you stay alive, like Hephastus.
  • At some point before the end of Erebus, you want to lower yourself under 30.
  • And the threshold for Strength so that your damage goes sky high after Erebus ends.
  • Any hammer that increases our special near trivializes the run.
  • Remember that your cast slows enemies – this stops them from rushing you down.

Victory Screenshot: You can see that with a little hammer and boon luck you can get pretty close to a 10 minute clear.

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