Heaven Dust 2 – Useful Tips and Trick for New Players

Here you can find some useful tips for beginners. Warning! there might be some spoilers.

Tips and Tricks

Where to find regenerating spores

  • There are a lot of them all over the map. In a room with a small key door printed on it for example. There are some Spores in that room.

Where to get the equatorial virus and catalysts

  • For equatorial virus you need to find the shovel and then go to the cabin in the forest, the tomb is on the left of the cabin, just go though the dead wood.
  • The catalysts in the management office in the old building.

How to find this old building

  • Look at the minimap, one of the walls near the old building is cracked, shoot the explosive canister near it, its behind the cementery gate, you can almost see it when you first see the big doors

Where to find automatic injector

  • It’s in research institute. You got it, after the big fan.

Swimming pool code

  • When you’ll find a diary/document somewhere it says that one of the numbers (of the 1981) is wrong. Right code is 1991.

Prison guard key

  • The crate can be moved between the table and a cork board blocked by the camera angle. And you can walk on the cork board across.

Where to find second gear for park area

  • You have to use the fire hydrant to go past the burning truck. Most likely right. Then you need to go to the guard’s room to figure out the code. When you go past the burning truck you will see the gear hanging out of a machine of some sort. But the pass code is needed to get the gear from behind the gate.

How to solve “find the fishtail key at the undeground tomb”

  • The answer is literally 2 steps before you get to that gate, on the set of gate before it. That’s the problem with lots of puzzles in this game.
  • 2 triangle parts are used cemetery near the tomb keeper dormitory. Graveyard code on the On the graveyard stone columns. Next to the gas tank against the wall is a crack. If you blow up the gas tank, you can enter the old building from the crack.
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