Internet Cafe Simulator 2 – How to Buy and Sell Any Stuff

This guide is about buying and selling some items in the Internet Cafe Simulator 2 game.

Guide to Buy and Sell Stuff

How to Buy

Whatever you purchase from the shop you can immediately pickup. When you click E to buy the item, the item stays where you bought it but then becomes able to be picked up. Directly to the right of your shop when u walk out they’ll be boxes if u buy online, if you go to the store each item you buy you can immediately pick up.

If you need to equip a backpack, just click Tab and drag it from hand to backpack slot.

How to Sell

There is a way to sell old stuff you dont need anymore.

You can find the 2nd hand shop by pressing M. The NPC there buys them from you for a fee. It’s easier to get a backpack from the 2nd hand shop to store multiple items to sell.

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