Heretic’s Fork – Eye Locations Guide

Eyes locations in the game.

Locations of Eyes


Only 6 at this moment:

  1. In the desktop, it changes its position and is semi-transparent.
  2. In the end shift screen with the damage distribution, search at the top.
  3. Option menu.
  4. In the after party photo, center of the image. Looks like a ballon.
  5. In a email (doesn’t remember which one, but the clip draw a bat in the drawing zone when it comes).
  6. Pong game, you will see it when you break almost all of the bricks.



  1. Clicking the bat drawing has to be the first action out of a shift. The drawing has to be reset to empty before starting the shift. The finally made me find the drawing eye

  2. i have 8 Eyes, i got the “Crisopy Eye” cardfrom it.
    7. click on bat drawing
    8. i got “randomly” during the shift (I do not know exactly)

    • Found the card. After a run, click the eye folder, if you have all 8 eyes you get the card. (Has to be after a run, can’t be “between” runs when you get the 8th eye!)

  3. Not 100% sure which was the cause: but I found one by spam clicking the pet while it was over the drawing board thing and they appeared. Could be the pet or the board.

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