Hero Tale – 100% Full Achievement Guide

How to unlock every achievement in the game will be covered in this manual.

How to Obtain All Achievements

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Scent of Adventure

  • Leave the Town.

All you need is to leave the city from the beginning of the game, to do is go from the location “Thug’s Hideout” to the location “Town Entrance”. Despite this, achievement will also be credited to you if you enter the Harpy’s Den location immediately after the The quest “Beat 8 Drunks” quest.

From head to toe

  • Fill every equipment slot.

Put on at the same time: helmet, armor, pants and boots.

Inner Darkness

  • Discover the darkness within you.

For the first time in the run, kill each of the three famous bandits and complete the “Beat famous bandits” quest. They can be found at the locations “Mountain Passage” and “Green Hinterland”.


  • Buy all training from captain.

To do this, go to the “Barracks”, fight with the Guard Captain and then buy all available training from him. To defeat him, you need to change weapons once during the battle, and to buy all the training you will need 234 000 Bronze Coin icon, you can come back to buy later.

Royal Knight

  • Equip all plate armour.

Go to the Market and buy the entire set of plate armor: Plate Helmet, Plate Cuirass, Plate Greaves and Plate Sabatons. Put them on at the same time. You will need 14 200 Bronze Coins to buy this equipment. Unfortunately, you can only get from enemies the boots (namely from Bowman and Veteran), you will have to buy the rest yourself.

Winter is coming

  • Beat Enemies from Abandoned Bastion.

Go to the “Abandoned Bastion” and defeat Winter Sniper and Night Watch.

Legendary mage

  • Master all spells.

Master all five spells completely. To do this, after receiving the spell, you need to use it a certain number of times on enemies, after which the spell will improve.

All spells and methods of obtaining:

This spell is taught to you by a Druid. You receive the spellimmediately after completing the quest “Collect 5 Happy Mushrooms”


This spell was taught to you by Nostrus at the Wizard’s Towerlocation, after you bring him 50 Minor Mana Potion.

(Thunder Bolt)

This spell is taught to you by a Witch at the Witch`s Hideoutlocation. You need to defeat her to learn the spell.

(Poison Missile)

This spell is taught to you by a Azar after you bring him 30 Major Mana Potion. You can buy them at the Deamon Market location in Aurora’s Shop.

(Power Blast)

The Inventor at the Inventor`s Atelier location will teach you this spell after you defeat three Heretic Leaders.

(Ice Shard)

Trade route

  • Visit every store in the game.

Visit all the merchants in the game.

  • Oscar’s Shop – located in the Town Center location, we get there in the process of completing the first quests.
  • Ezra’s Stall – located in the Ezra’s Convoy location.
  • Bron, Elga and Renira – They are located in the main city at the Market location.
  • Barnaba’s Shop and Aurora’s Shop – located on the Deamon Market.
  • Inventor – located in the Inventor’s Atelier. The Inventor has a short conversation with you when you enter his location, then attacks you. You can only fight the Inventor once. After you fight, he will give you a quest, as a reward for which he will teach you a new spell – Ice Shard, and it will also allow you to buy items from him.

Gifted one

  • Finish the game once.

Complete the storyline and defeat the final boss.

Beast Hunter

  • Slay Leviathan.

Visit the Cliff Edge and defeat Leviathan. The chance of his appearance is about 2%.

End of the Path

  • Unlock all skills on tree.

Unlock all skills on tree. To max skill tree you need 290 skill points.

Who should train whom

  • Win a duel with the captain on the first try.

To do this, go to the Barracks, fight for the first time with the captain of the Guards and defeat him on the first attempt. Be sure that you are ready to kill him. You will also have to change your equipment to get an achievement (you can change anything, even arrows)

Approximate characteristics of the captain:

  • HP: 3000
  • ATK: 180

William Wallace

  • Reach 100 overall Combat.

Robin Hood

  • Reach 100 overall Ranged.

Like father, like son

  • Drink 12 Dad’s Juices.

Drink 12 Dad’s Juice. You can buy Dad’s Juice from Oscar. (Town Center Location)

IP man

  • Secret.

To complete this challenge, kill Sensei in the Mogila location before he can damage you. To do this, for example, you can increase the Distance icon Distance and stun Sensei with ThunderBolt as soon as he appears and attack as hard and fast as possible. Inventor’s Goggles can be useful to increase the Distance icon Distance, as well as the “Born to Shoot” talent in the dark skill tree.


  • Slay the Unicorn.

You need to kill a Unicorn in the Gloomy Wilderness location. Unicorn will try to escape from the fight immediately after it strikes you or if its Health icon health drops to 50%, depending on what happens first. To kill him, you will need speed and a Thunder Bolt spell (mastery must be achieved so that you can stun the enemy, the time of the stun depends on your level of magic), which will need to be applied manually as soon as the escape animation begins (fog will begin to appear around the Unicorn). Otherwise, the damage tactics will depend on your preferences. The chance of finding a Unicorn is around 2%.

Parameters of the Unicorn:

  • Health: 15 000
  • Power: 200
  • Charge time: 6
  • Defense: 70
  • Speed: 4
  • Range: 10


  • Secret.

To get this achievement, go to the locations where the Brawlhopper lives (River Bank location) and defeat it without weapons in your hands (You can also use magic to get this achievement).

Spiritual Guide

  • Secret.

Go to the Druid’s Abode and talk to the Druid until you see all the possible life wisdom.

Don Juan

  • Secret.

Go to the “Witch’s” Hideout and talk to the Witch 69 times.


  • Reach 130 overall Magic

Reach 130 overall Magic.

Good son

  • Secret.

The achievement will be fulfilled if you bring 12 Dad’s Juice to your father at the same time when you complete his quest. If this is your first game, you may need time, as the only source of money will be Rats. You will need 280 Bronze Coin icon to buy additional cells in your inventory and 24 Bronze Coin icon to buy 12 Dad’s Juice.

Chosen one

  • Get all the final rewards.

To get all the final rewards, your runtime from waking up to defeating the final boss should not exceed 9 hours. The runtime of the race can be seen by clicking on the menu (under the characteristics, in the left corner of the frame, hover over the question mark to see the details – the timer will stop when your HP and mana are fully restored).

Metal Detector

  • Find all hidden coins.

There are hidden caches on the map, clicking on them a couple of times, you will receive additional coins (In total, you will be able to receive 2 391 Brozne coins:

  1. Far Sewers

The hiding place looks like a wooden box. To open it, quickly click on it several times.

  • You will receive 5 Bronze Coins.
  1. Town Center

The coin Oscar is twirling in his hands is our cache. To get a coin, click on the board sticking out of the merchant’s counter. The counter will shake and Oscar will drop a coin.

  • You will receive 10 Bronze Coins
  1. Beach

The coins are hiding in the sand castle, tap it quickly several times to destroy it.

  • You will receive 50 Bronze Coins
  1. Cave

To open it, quickly click on the stalactite dripping with water.

  • You will receive 50 Bronze Coins
  1. Tavern “Fishy Legs”

To open it, quickly click on the jug standing on the table behind the Boy.

  • You will receive 150 Bronze Coins
  1. Rocky Plateau

To open it, quickly click on the huge skull.

  • You will receive 450 Bronze Coins
  1. Deamon Settlement

To open it, quickly click on the large clay jug standing by the column until you break it.

  • You will receive 175 Bronze Coins
  1. Wizard’s Estate

There is a fountain on the territory of the estate, a coin can be seen lying in the water. One click will be enough to get it, but you may not hit it right away.

  • You will receive 1 Bronze Coin icons
  1. Icy Premises

The hiding place is located in one of the ice blocks, behind the Boy’s back. Click on it quickly several times to split it.

  • You will receive 1500 Bronze Coin

Passionate Ornithologist

  • Secret.

To achieve the achievement, you must kill the harpies BEFORE leaving the initial city, that is, before moving from the Thug’s Hideout location to the Town Entrance location. Remember that the Baby Harpy is considered a peaceful animal, and killing it will prevent you from completing “Animal Lover” achievement.


  • Unlock 1000 backpack slots.

Redeem 1000 cells for your backpack. The number of free cells already open is indicated next to the backpack on the main screen. Each next purchased cell costs 20 Bronze Coin icon more than the previous one. The achievement will be counted when the value of the last purchased cell is equal to 19880 Bronze Coin icon.

Who should teach whom

  • Secret.

Learn “Heal” having 4 spells already. I described the ways to get the rest of the spells in the achievement of “Legendary mage”.

Animal Lover

  • Reach the Deamon lands without killing innocent animals.

It is necessary to get to the Lands of Demons (to the Reserve’s Entrance location) without killing innocent animals. A list of such animals that we will meet along the way (They must not be killed in any case):

  • Baby Harpy
  • Fishleg
  • Toad
  • Wolf
  • Snail
  • Brawlhopper
  • Fluffbird

Attention: This is not the whole list of innocent creatures, but only those that we will meet within the established path. Do not go off the road, so as not to accidentally kill an innocent enemy.

Route on the Map:

  • Red Locations – do not take any chances and do not come here until you get an achievement.
  • Orange locations – be extremely careful in these locations, there are innocent animals here, leave here as soon as you open the passage further.
  • Green locations – location is completely safe for auto-fight.

Bounty Hunter

  • Reveal every enemy loot.

Reveal every enemy loot.


  • Secret.

Complete the game without dying. Be very careful and get out of the fight quickly if you realize that the next enemy attack causes lethal damage to you. I don`t recommend doing it on the first run.


  • Secret.

Defeat the Prince with the “Sir Stick” from the beginning of the game.

Shouldn’t have given me the sword

  • Secret.

Defeat the final boss using Wooden Sword.


  • Secret.

Finish game without spells.

You again?

  • Play the game 10 times.

Finish the game 10 times.

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