Hero’s Hour – Achievement Tips

This guide includes some tips that may help you to obtain few achievements in the Hero’s Hour game.

Tips to Obtain Achievements


  • Defeat a near impossible enemy army.


  • Win a battle without Casualities.

To obtain it you have to defeat an enemy hero with near impossible rating, does not work versus neutral armies/stacks/adventure nodes. Could be warded better. I think defeating one with impossible rating works too (which is very easy to do in certain situations)

Same goes for a similar one where you have to defeat one challenging+ using only summons. For that one its not so strict, you dont have to go in with no army and only use summon spells, you can use any permanent units classified as elementals. And other spells. Just not non-elemental permanent units.

I unlocked flawless in the same battle I got Desperado since I mainly won thru summon spells / comet blasts, not my permanent units, so none died. Even though yea I won plenty of previous battles without casualties, and this game i had plenty of casualties in prior battles.

So i’d guess the conditions are similar to desperado: Only versus an enemy hero, and maybe only one with a certain challenge rating or higher. Easy to do with a very high summon spec char by setting defend mode and spamming lots of elementals, Doesn’t matter if your summons die, just your perm units cant die.

I also think it doesnt unlock if you do a battle with some casualties, but they are rezzed mid battle via healing tent/spell/etc, so you end with no losses tho they technically did die in the battle.


  • Devour a Black Dragon.

If you do encounter an enemy or neutral with them, it’s possible to get them in various ways. Like diplomacy/charm. Than you could devour it.

Culture Conversion

  • Convert a Town to a faction you did not start as.

When you visit a town with a hero of a different faction, there’ll be a button to the left of the city name to convert it.

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