HITMAN 3 – Freelancer Tips and Tricks

A few things I have learned playing Freelancer.

Tips and Tricks for Freelancer Mode

  • Silenced pistols remain a godtier item.
  • Poisons are a cheap and useful item to bring with on any mission.
  • Cans of water and oil take a substantial amount of time to pour and often aren’t useful unless you have a clear area to setup a trap.
  • Do not risk using loud firearms or getting spotted in large areas. The lack of save/load and difficulty options means you are highly likely to be shot down before you have any chance to escape.
  • Payment is limited to your secondary objectives. If you need to obtain rare, epic, or legendary items, keep an eye out for weapon dealers and complete as many optional objectives per level as you can. The rarer the item the more pricey it is.
  • Equipment in the safehouse isn’t limited to guns, poisons, explosives, and tools. You can bring items like the banana, soda can, and newspaper from the unlockable areas of the safehouse.
  • Silent Assassin, Suit only, and non target penalties are not to be worried about in freelancer unless they are part of a challenge or optional reward objective.


  1. Nice Tips & Tricks, I didn’t realize how powerful poisons were till the end of the Playtest so I failed a lot of campaigns dying to run and gun missions.

    • Yeah the poisons make the game much easier. Trying to run and gun results in a very quick death unless you go hide after alerting guards.

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