HoloCure – Save the Fans! – How to Beat Any Hard Stage

Can’t beat hard stages no matter what you do? Trouble with the bosses? Get in here!

Guide to Make Hard Stages Easy


Hi friends! Here to get some help? Alright, well since you’re already on hard levels, that means you’ve done some grinding to get here in the first place. So let’s go over the unlocks you’ll need:

  • All shop enhancements and upgrades, as well as all Marketing and Weapon Limit unlocks.
  • Kobo Kanaeru at G. Rank 21, and Gachikoi fan rank.
  • Halu (Defeat 5000 enemies in one run).
  • Membership (Clear stage with Super Chatto Time!).
  • Just Bandage (Die after 10 minutes in a run).
  • Beetle (clear stage without any character skills and the fandom upgrade off).

Don’t have all of this?

Well get grinding.

The Build

Let’s get started.


First of all we’re gonna be playing as Kobo Kanaeru with a completely maxed out fandom.

We’re picking Kobo because we’re making use of two of her exclusive skills. Tantrum and Praise, which you’ll see represented as two meters on the bottom left of your screen.

  • Tantrum – Every time an enemy hits you, Kobo has a chance to heal 10% HP and do 600% damage to all enemies. The higher your tantrum meter, the higher the chance to trigger.
  • Praise – For every 1 HP healed, Kobo gains praise. When the praise meter is maxed, Kobo gets 50% attack for 10 seconds.

With the strategy we’re going to use, these bars will be constantly filling, so there’s no need to keep an eye on them.


Did you buy all the weapon limits like I said?

The only weapon we’ll be using is Kobo’s default weapon, Umbrella.

Max it out and use any anvils you see.

You might find this insane if you’ve tried super collab weapons and still died, but the best part is we’ll technically be making this weapon weaker.


The order you grab these in doesn’t matter, but as a general rule of thumb, I’d try to have them all under 5 minutes, preferably maxed out. Make sure to use your eliminates and re-rolls.

  • Headphones – We’re gonna get very close to enemies in this run. Headphones will make sure many of those attacks don’t tear your HP apart.
  • Just Bandage – It’s basically constant health regeneration with how we’ll be using it.
  • Halu – I know what you’re probably thinking. “I don’t like Halu, it just makes things harder, and the point of this guide is to be easier!” What, scared of a four letter word? Relax, Halu = more enemies = more xp. Grab it as soon as you can since it’s a rarer drop.
  • Membership = Deal more damage, take less damage. Don’t worry about coins, you’ll get plenty once boxes stop dropping items.
  • Full Meal – All your healing is doubled.
  • Beetle – This is gonna double the damage of all your skills. Grab it as soon as you can.


Stamps can be pretty random, so don’t stress out if you’re not getting the ones you want. Don’t even restart. Feel free to pick up stamps that might be useful until you get what you need.

  • Lightness – Probably the most important one because of the movement buffs. Don’t worry about the damage decrease, you’ll hardly feel it.
  • Weaken – This one reduces enemy attack damage and makes your damage stronger. Grab it when you can.
  • Solo – Gives you extra damage for every weapon slot that’s empty, and since you’re only using one, that’s 75% more damage!
  • Optional – If you fear death or somehow keep dying, change Solo with Life Steal.

The Strategy

Now what you’re all here for. How do you make this easy? Is it a glitch, a bug? No.

What if I told you that these stages can be beaten with only the W and S keys on your keyboard?

Yes that’s right, for this entire run we will only be making Kobo move up and down in a small area of our choosing.

You don’t exactly have to follow this method in the first few minutes, so feel free to move around and grind your items. Once things get rough, find your spot and get comfortable.

“Why a straight line?”

It gives us a higher chance of running into a burger for HP, and enemies tend to group up closer. You don’t really need to run along a line the whole run, but it’s as safe as it gets. If you start dying just run into enemies and start the line again.

“Wait, what about all the enemies in my path?”

That’s the beauty of this build. If any enemies, bosses, red warning lines, bombs, or projectiles cross your path, stand your ground! In fact, feel free to throw yourself into them! This whole build is about taking damage to deal damage, so get in their faces!

“Hurt Me More”

Extra Upgrades

Once you have all your items and weapon maxed, you’ll start getting extra stat upgrades.

Choose these, with top being most important.

  • HP – You likely will need to get more health. I find that 300 HP is a safe cutoff point.
  • Attack % – Can’t go wrong with more damage.
  • Crit % – Your crit chance is gonna be pretty low when you start. I like to get this over 50%.
  • Haste and Movement Speed seem to be very minuscule upgrades, so feel free to choose between the two.

“What about the special attack?”

Oh yeah. Feel free to hold onto it and only use it if you think you’re about to die. Personally I didn’t use it outside killing the bosses faster.

Final Notes

“You’re lying, this can’t be real”

Here’s a pic of me beating stage 3 hard on my first run.

Thanks for reading!

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