Honkai: Star Rail – Rerolling and Tier List Guide for Beginners

Rerolling is a strategy where you make multiple game accounts and pull characters on each account to get the best start.

Newbies Guide to Rerolling and Tier List


Rerolling is generally not recommended. Each reroll takes about 45 min to 1 hour (the tutorial is unskippable). You will not hit any roadblocks in the story if you don’t get an “ideal” starter 5* character. It’s generally assumed that your luck will even out in the long run.

I don’t care, I want to reroll anyway:

  • You will need to make a separate account login for each attempt.
  • The ideal #1 reroll target is Bronya.

Standard Banner 5* Characters Comparison

NameRoleNotesEarly GameEnd Game
HimekoDPSWorth keeping if you don’t mind not using her until later onAverageExcellent
WeltDPSProvides some turn manipulation abilities (enemy turn delay)GoodAverage
YanqingDPSDecent DPS but REQUIRES a shielder to workAverageAverage
ClaraDPSStrong DPS with tanking capabilitiesVery GoodVery Good
BailuSustainStrong healer with out-of-turn healing.Very GoodGood
GepardSustainCan be hard to use for early game because he needs proper equipment build to shineGoodVery Good
BronyaSupportPowerful support, Best in Slot support for multiple team comps
Probably the most ideal Standard Banner character to pull
Excellent (if you can manage team SP)Excellent

Tier Lists

Let’s just make this clear: Tierlists for HSR (or any game for that matter) are naturally biased, somewhat inaccurate, or make incorrect assumptions and tend to trap new players in a box.

Some Gacha games have “must pull” characters, but there is no such thing as “must pull” characters in HSR.

Be wary and take a large grain of salt with any tier lists you see online. Pulling the “Best DPS ever!” will not necessarily make the game a breeze. Some “old” characters actually become more powerful when paired with newer characters that get released, so don’t overlook them!

Below is a Progression Tierlist, to tell you what to pull for in general. Use this for your account planning.

Pulling Priorities

“Limited” means a 5* from the event banners. Standard Banner’s 5* characters never change.

Banners, Pity, and Pulls


There are 2 banners per featured character, a standard banner and a beginner banner.

  • Featured Character Event Warp: This is a rotating, featured limited 5* character banner. With a high chance of getting one of the three featured 4* characters.
  • Featured Light Cone Event Warp: This is a rotating, featured limited 5* light cone banner. With a high chance of getting one of the three featured 4* light cones.
  • Stellar Warp: This is the permanent, standard pool banner.
  • Departure Warp: This is a temporary beginner banner that disappears after doing 50 pulls. It guarantees one 5* standard character within 50 pulls.

Special Passes: These are the golden passes that can be used for any of the featured banners.

Standard Passes: These are the silver passes that can only be used on standard or beginner banners.


Pity is how many pulls you have done without pulling a 5*. When you hit pity, you are guaranteed a 5* if you have not received one yet. Once you get a 5*, pity resets back to 0.

  • Character banners have a soft pity of 74 and a hard pity of 90.
  • Light Cone banners have a soft pity of 66 and a hard pity of 80.
  • The beginner banner has a hard pity of 50. Note that getting a 5* early on this banner does not guarantee another one at 50 pulls.

Soft Pity: When you hit soft pity, the chances of receiving a 5* increase with each subsequent pull until it becomes 100% at the hard pity number. Once you pull a 5* character, your pity resets to 0.

Featured Character Banner: there is a 50/50 chance of receiving the featured 5* character. If you lose the 50/50 you will receive a standard character pool 5* instead. If you lost the 50/50, your next 5* on a featured banner is guaranteed to be the featured character.

Featured Light Cone Banner: there is a 75/25 chance of receiving the featured 5* light cone. If you lose the 75/25 you will receive a standard pool 5* light cone instead. If you lost the 75/25, your next 5* on a featured banner is guaranteed to be the featured light cone.

On Standard Banner, you have a 50/50 chance of receiving a standard pool 5* character or standard pool 5* Light Cone.

Pity Carry-over: Pity carries over to the next banner of the same type, either character or light cone. Featured character banner pity carries over to the next featured character banner and the same applies to the light cone banner. If there are 2 or more featured character/light cone banners at the same time, all featured character/light cone banners will share the same pity based on the banner type.

4* Guarantee: You are guaranteed at least one 4* every 10 pulls, regardless of whether you did 10x single pulls or a 1x pull.

How can I tell if a pull is going to be a 5*?

When the pass floats in the air, you will see a chromatic aberration and the music changes.

Pulling Advice

Should I pull on the beginner banner (Departure Warp)?

Yes! The pulls on this banner are discounted and you are guaranteed one 5* standard character within 50 pulls. If you get your 5* character early, you are not guaranteed a second one but it is still worth it to finish off the remaining allowed pulls because of the discount. 4* characters are also very useful.

What do I spend Stellar Jade (the premium gem currency) on?

Do not spend stellar jade to get standard passes for the standard or beginner banners. Use jades to get special passes for the featured banners. You will get plenty of standard tickets for free throughout the game so there is no need to spend your jade on the standard banner.

Is getting the featured light cone worth it?

Featured Light Cones (also known as signature light cones) are not needed for a featured character to perform. It is purely a luxury upgrade over 4* light cone options and is on average, a 15% increase in strength. It’s still your choice in the end to pull for it or not.

  • If you are F2P and have a narrow roster of characters:

It is recommended to not get signature light cones. It’s better to save your passes for a new featured character and expand your character roster. A new character usually brings much more value to your account.

  • If you are F2P and have a wide roster of characters:

It is still recommended to not get them and to get new characters versus getting a featured light cone, but if you have a strong roster by now with most team roles filled, you can consider getting featured light cones for characters that you like, if you do not want any upcoming new characters.

How important are dupes (eidolons)?

  • 5* characters never need a dupe to work well. They are perfectly fine at E0. Dupes are considered luxury additions.
  • 4* character dupes can vary in importance. Some 4* do not need any dupes to do well while others work best at a certain Eidolon amount. You will gradually get plenty of 4* dupes as you play.

I don’t like and don’t want the 5* Featured characters/light cone but I like one of the 4* character/light cone rate-ups on that banner:

It is not recommended to pull on a banner to just try to get a specific 4* character/light cone. If you accidentally get the featured character/light cone, your pity will reset back to 0 and make it more difficult for you to get the next featured 5* you want.

Secondly, just because a specific 4* is rated up, does not mean your chances of getting them are good.

  • There are always three 4* characters rate-up.
  • When you pull a 4*, you will hit a 50/50 chance of getting a rate-up 4*.
  • Then, if you win the 50/50, you now have a ⅓ chance of getting the specific 4* you want.
  • If you fail the 50/50 the next 4* is guaranteed to be a rate-up 4* but it is still a ⅓ chance of getting the specific 4* you want.

Should I “build pity”?

It is never recommended to build pity on a banner you do not want as failed pity-building (accidentally pulling an unwanted 5*) resets pity back to 0 and wastes whatever pity count you had built up as well as all the Jades you spent trying to build up the pity. Although you may do so at your own risk.

Should I pull for [insert 5* character here]?

Do you like them for any reason? If yes, then pull! Waifu/husbando > “meta”

All 5* limited banner characters can clear content.

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