Honkai: Star Rail – Translating HSR Alphabet

Translating Honkai: Star Rail’s Alphabet

Are you tired of being illiterate? Look no further, the sensei has you covered. After spending hours rationalizing the 26 letter alphabet with the gibberish I saw on screen, I hand drew each of the characters so that now you too can learn the language and be as degenerate as I am!

If you are at all interested in the journey it took to figure this out, oh boy I got a photo album that would make March 7th proud!

It all started innocently with what I found to be direct letter translations on the index. If anyone is curious why it says Mr. Nobody on the top right, go take a look at the synopsis for the 2009 film Mr. Nobody featuring Jared Leto XD.

Then the hunt for the final letters ensued.

Belobog museum adverts

Scuffed typos, hoyo never expected a degen like me to come along and translate

The speed at which I was reading at by this point was scary

There’s two museums in belobog!

I can now enjoy the advertisements in belobogs administrative district!

I can even read blue prints!

Herta needs some quality control officers fired out here

Finding the letter V using Natasha’s last name was a breakthrough for me, took 2 hours

If you are burnt out but have a lot of time, I HIGHLY recommend you go look around The Administrative District, Boulder Town, and the Space Station using my guide to translate. I’ll set up a scavenger hunt for those of you who want to give it a go. Reply in the comments if you find them all!

  • An advertisement for a dairy company
  • A heating supply company sign
  • A telphone box
  • An anime reference on a dental advertisement
  • A sign somewhere in the corridor of fading echos that has pure gibberish on it. Almost had a stroke trying to read that one fr.

I hope that by seeing this letter guide, more people can appreciate the design teams efforts in the seemingly gibberish advertisements. Who knows maybe you will find another hidden easter egg!

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