Doomsday: Last Survivors – Top Commander Event Tips

Top Commander Event Explained

Since it’s every 2 weeks, there’s really not much reason not to save stuff to use during it, because you get a lot of good items and rewards for meeting points thresholds in each phase.

Each day gives points for different things (as listed in the table below).

Basically all speedups, equipment components, armament trackers, honing chips, police station searches, hero badges/fragments/xp should be saved for this event and used during the corresponding phases.

You’ll find for yourself which events are more worth it for you as you play- like sometimes you want to use training speedups in Archipelago raid instead because the rewards are better. But other times you want to save for top commander because you are hoping to compete for top commander hero fragments (rewards for final score).

Most people save for a long time (more than 1 top commander cycle) in order to have a higher score and better chance of more hero fragment rewards to unlock that hero

Top commander point values are below.

Top commander phase with points

How to check points

You can check your ranking in the top commander tab. It shows how much points you’ve earned.

It also explains the different phases when you click on the “!” top left corner.

When event is not active you wont find it.

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