Honkai: Star Rail – Speed and How to Calculate It!

Speed in Honkai: Star Rail

Action Value

Speed is a stat that is used to determine an Action Value.

Action Values are showed in the top left portion of the game and basically represent a chart from lowest to highest. The character with the lowest Action Value goes first.

If you don’t see them you can go into settings to enable them:

We can calculate your Action Value by doing: 10000 / “your Speed”

Example: if you have 125 Speed then 10000 / 125 = 80 Action Value

When a character gets a turn, before acting, the game takes their action value and subtracts everyone else’s action value with theirs. Resulting in a cycling order between character.

As you can see in the example we can predict that Main Character will get to 10 because Hook has 33 Action Value. so 43 – 33 is going to be 10.

Buffs and Debuffs

What is going to affect Speed are buffs or debuffs that can affect it during a combat.

if you want to see the formula here it is but I doubt anyone is gonna calculate this stuff mid fight.

  • Advancement = (Base Action Value – Current Action Value) / Base Action Value
  • The new action value will be = Advancement*(1 – Advancement)

The last mechanic that can affect it are advancements and delayment of Speed.

For example when you see a character or an effect that says “Advance Forward by x %” we can apply this formula

  • New action Value = Current Action Value – (Base Action Value*Multiplier)

This formula tells us that it’s the base action value that is multiplied, meaning that the higher speed = the better advancing forward someone is going to be.

And if you are wondering how to calculate your speed it’s very easy:

Any unit has Speed. Enemies also have multipliers based on their levels. It’s important to know that bosses like Cocolia, Gepard, etc will have between 120 and 144 minimum speed. Usually we attack first only because we are engaging a battle but otherwise often, they would.

Ending Thoughts

To recap, Speed is one of the most important stats in Star Rail. It will dictate how often you act and is practically always used on any character.

Natasha heals more with HP but she heals even more if she takes more turns. Hook will deal more damage with more Atk and Crit but even more if can spam her skills more often.

The priority is going to have in the meta isstill to be determined and some teams or strategy already proved Speed to not be beneficial in every single instance. But stay tuned for more info!

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