Honkai: Star Rail – Single-Targeted Healer Luocha Guide

Greetings everyone, this is Teacher_Himeko. The new healer support Luocha has been released and he comes with innate RES, which makes him immune to almost all CC effects from enemies. How much can he affect the current healing playstyle? Below is my analysis.

Amazing Single-Targeted Healer Luocha / How Much Can He Affect The Healing Playstyle

The Change of Healer’s Role

Before Luocha, healers in the game mainly focus on protection, all their skills and Eidolons are centered around the target of protecting teammates. Sometimes they will have some stats that add to their Attack. This kind of skill allows the time to have a high lower limit and effectively prevents the team from being defeated in a few turns. However, with the increase in proficiency, healing tends to overflow and healers can only serve as bystanders when their teammates have no pressure to survive.

The skill comp of Luocha is completely different, which is presented by his Eidolon. Bailu’s and Natasha’s Eidolons increase the amount of regeneration and serve to protect teammates; Luocha’s Eidolon partly increases the DPS of his team: E1 increases the Attack of his team and E6 reduces the DEF of his enemies.

It’s not hard to tell that when proficiency increases, the healer’s role will change from a complete healer to a half-healing-half-functional character. Those who don’t provide any help other than healing will be gradually left behind.

Differences Between Characters

Let’s skip Eidolon now. Not every player has abundant resources to pull for a high Eidolon. If we take the DMG Boosting stats of Eidolon into account, when the proficiency is high, Luocha is far superior to the other healer supports unless the survival pressure is too high on the team and needs urgent skills to ensure team members’ safety.

Both Luocha’s and Natasha’s skills can free teammates from CC effects. But when it comes to the healing amount, Luocha heals much more for a single character than Natasha. At proper proficiency, he can easily heal his teammate for thousands of HP.

Natasha is average in terms of single-targeted healing, which makes it hard for her to ensure her teammates’ safety when the survival pressure is high. She always needs to go hand in hand with Preservation characters, which causes the team to have only 1 DMG-Boosting support, affecting the team’s attack efficiency and the upper limit of DPS.

Bailu has currently the highest fault tolerance as a support because her skills are all about healing, making her a gigahealer. Her talent can resurrect teammates when they’re down so she’s a proper choice when you have a fragile character on your team.

When a teammate’s HP is lower than 50%, Luocha will cast his skill on them automatically. This is triggered more easily than Bailu’s skill. The good thing is the teammate won’t die suddenly and can continue to deal DMG while the drawback is that the fault tolerance is not as high as Bailu’s.

Bailu’s skill has randomness. The healing for characters other than the chosen target is completely random and she always heal characters that are at full health. Her CC-dispelling effect is rather useless and that makes her always the target of enemies that inflict strong CC effects.

Besides, Bailu is different from Luocha, who has high RES against CC skills. Once a teammate is downed when Bailu is controlled, Bailu cannot resurrect them. Therefore, having Luocha, rather than Bailu, on the team seems more assuring.

Future Development Path of Healers

As the proficiency increases, the survival pressure on the team will become lower and healers that only focus on healing might get abandoned easily as the game develops. Luocha and other functional supports will easily replace them, especially in difficult dungeons where there is a limit on the number of turns. Functional healers can assist the team to get full rewards more easily.

Currently Luocha is the best option for building a single-healer-Harmony team because his talent can heal teammates whenever they attack; Harmony characters, to avoid occupying the Skill Point of the main DPS characters, usually use Basic ATK to restore energy, which triggers the effect of Luocha’s talent. This is like every Harmony characters on the team is able to heal themselves, greatly relieving the survival pressure.


Generally speaking, the arrival of Luocha has changed the situation where healers only heal and he makes Trailblazers realize that Abundance characters can be versatile. New Trailblazer can consider pulling for an E0 Luocha to make their team building more flexible. If you already have Bailu and don’t challenge difficult dungeons, you can wait. If you seek higher DPS, I recommend you to at least get E1 Luocha to ensure the survival of the team and increase its DMG.

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