Unnamed Space Idle – Base 3 Guide

USI Guide to Tier 3 Base with Helpful Tips

This base is unlocked by clearing sector 39. Your primary focus early on is mats income, so you can get more slots.

Do NOT level up parts for the time being.

At around this point, you can start thinking about getting some parts for that slot in the second row, between the 3 mats. Alternative setup for getting parts in the next screenshot.

Alternative setup for getting parts. Don’t level up your parts too much, because the drain is big at this point.

Mats setup once that last upper-middle slot is unlocked.

Alternative parts setup. You can replace the boosters near the parts with mats if the drain is still too big.

At around this point, you can start generating components.

If your booster is level 7 or higher (1.89x), you can swap mats and boosters for better mats income, like this.

A setup after unlocking the 6e11 mat slot.

A setup if you unlocked the 6e13 slots first. At around this point, you can safely level up parts as much as you can afford.

A setup if you unlocked the parts slot first. At around this point, you can safely level up parts as much as you can afford.

Once you have all slots in the 4th row, mats go to the bottom half, while parts and components go to the top half.

After this point, you will have unlocked all slots in Base 3. There are several setups that work, though the best ones focus on the income of 1-2 resources. Those that focus on all 3 resources are weaker, but they can be useful for those who don’t want to switch loadouts and/or don’t have much time and/or some other reason.

Focused setup with mats and parts. You can replace either the quad-boosted mat with a part (row 4, column 2) and the mat in row 3 with a drain reducer, or the quad-boosted part with a mat (row 4, column 4), depending on which resource you want to focus on.

Focused setup for components.

General setup for all resources.

Alternative general setup for all resources, by ToBeX. It focuses more on components income, at the cost of less mats income compared to the other general setup.

A sustainable variant of the components-focused setup.

I hope the above information was helpful. Happy gaming!

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