House Flipper – All Pets DLC Achievement Guide

This guide helps you to reach the 100% of all Achievements in House Flipper – Pets DLC.

How to Obtain All Pets DLC Achievements

What’s in the box?

  • Tons of cuteness to say the least!

Complete the first Stowaway mission from Alice Finbar.

A journey full of fluffiness

  • Morgan is proud of you.

Complete all the jobs on the Pet DLC Map. (You do not need 100% on the jobs, you only need to finish them once).

Welcome to Cozy Village

  • Hope you enjoy the countryside.

Move your office to one of the houses added with the Pet DLC (Must buy them first).


  • Feels like the beginning of something special.

Buy a pet from Morgan’s pet house.

Fresh, clean, and dry

  • Now your pup can get all dirty again.

Go to the pet section of the store, buy a special bath and bathe your pet in it. It must be appropriate to the size of the animal and works only for dogs.

It’s playtime!

  • The best part of the day.

Play with your pet in different ways using the pet interaction menu.


  • Can you hear those little paws behind you?

Command your pet to follow you. Must use the pet interaction menu.

Versatile caretaker

  • You’re not gonna stop here, are you?

Give shelter to three different animals in Morgan’s pet house. Can be found in the laptop menu.

The floor is your canvas

  • Now, that’s not a happy little accident.

On your first order of “Stowaway” by Alice Finbar, you’ll find fece on your living room floor. Try to clean it with a mop.


  • A helping paw is never a bad thing, eh?

Take your pet with you on to an assignment.

They grow up so fast…

  • It feels like we’ve met yesterday!

Reach the adulthood of your pet.

Picture perfect

  • It’s hard to get a good photo when they move around so quickly.

Take a picture of your pet. Use the camera of yout tablet.


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