Hunt: Showdown – How to Easily Kill Rotjaw (New Wild Target)

An overview of how to effectively kill the new wild target Rodger… I mean Rotjaw.

Easy Guide to Defeat Rotjaw

General Info

After you find the new boss area, Rotjaw will be resting on the shore unless you or another hunter has aggro-ed her. You can easily find her by using dark sight once you are in the boss area. She will glow blue when you are close. The fastest way to kill Rotjaw is by using explosives. You can kill her instantly if you can cook a big dynamite bundle. Throwing it to where she is resting on a short fuse will kill her before she has the chance to move into the water. If not, she has a weak spot in the mouth but is hard to hit. The most reliable way to kill her is to find a world melee weapon or use a bomb lance with a stamina shot. She is easy to dodge once you recognize all her attacks.

Boss Behavior

  1. Basic Bite attack

This is her main way of attacking. She will make 3 splashes before she does a small lunge to attack a hunter in the water. She will follow a hunter until she locks onto them on the third splash attacking in a straight line. You can easily dodge by running to the side or perpendicular to her path of attack when you hear/see the third splash. After this attack, you have a chance to get a hit. This attack does 50 damage.

  1. Charge Bite Attack

This is her most dangerous move which you can recognize by a low growl and a big splash. Make sure to dodge this one as it does 125 damage. To dodge just run to the side or perpendicular to her attack path. This attack locks on immediately so move as soon as you see the big splash. To note, she does this attack three times in a row. After the first two charges, there is only a small window to hit her. After the third charge, she stays above the water longer giving you a chance to get a few hits in.

  1. Swimming Bite Attack

Sometimes she will swim above the surface giving you a chance to shoot her. If you are close or in her way, she will attempt to bite you. This is her weakest attack doing around 50 damage.

  1. Enrage Attack

This occurs when the boss goes below 50% health. She will surface and begin to wail and shake, breaking out of her armor releasing black electric puddles all around. Here I recommend getting out of the water as it might be hard to see or hear where she will attack from next, especially with the rain. From now on she will leave black electric puddles after each attack.

Additional Info

  • The Black electric puddles do around 13 damage, drain stamina, and reduce movement speed.
  • From 100% to 50% health, if you are close enough to touch her after any of her attacks, she will shock you draining all your stamina.
  • To make moving in water faster, bring the trait gator legs.
  • Mariner perk is useful for fast regen when attacking the boss in the water.

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