Hunt: Showdown – Rotjaw Spawn Locations

Annotated game maps with Rotjaw’s spawn locations. Use them to quickly determine her location from a few Traces.


Annotated game maps for all three maps with all of Rotjaw’s spawn locations. Rotjaw’s specific spawn location may vary slightly within the target marking but they are reasonably accurate.

Using these maps, usually a single Rotjaw Trace can narrow it down to 1-3 spawn locations.


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Lawson Delta



  1. From my experience, on Lawson Delta you can encounter her both south and north of Wolfshead, pretty much directly on Hemlock and if I’m not mistaken, I found her once near the small bridge in Arden Parish. On DeSalle, I’m pretty sure she has a spawn near a bridge between Upper and Lower DeSalle, and one somewhere near Seven Sisters. And on the OG map, I managed to kill the croc once south of Lockbay Docks; also I think the she has a spawn both somewhere near Catfish and Cyprus.

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