Hunt: Showdown – The Best Loadouts for Beginners!

Are you tired of dying and dying (and dying) in the bayou? I will present you the best loadouts for you to change that. Are you ready to wipe a server? Follow me then…


Let’s start it… I will try to make it quick and it pretty much explains itself. This guide is based in cost, availability and usability. Just pick one of this nine options and you will surely see a change in your gameplay.

Early Levels

Info: “Soldier” loadout is based in medium distance fight, not for inside of a building. Despite of its versatility the idea is to rapidly hit the enemy with consecutive shots.

Info: Different from the previous loadout the “Infiltrator” is based on sneaking in a compound (or defending it). Always aim for the chest.

Info: Have you ever stumbled in an unaware enemy and you both start panicking? If “Gunslinger” is your choice you will be the one that will live to tell this story.

Mid Levels

Info: Quietly sneak your enemies while they are fighting a boss or hide in a bush waiting for the opportunity when you feel someones in on your way.

Info: Hit your opponent once. Swap your gun. Finish him. Nothing creates more panic than seeing your health points being reduced to 1.

Info: Once you were a gunslinger, now you are a legend. This time with much more power at long distance.

High Levels

Info: One of most common loadouts in the bayou among high-level hunters. Works fine. Mostly like to grant you a victory if you manage to use it wisely.

Info: Exceptional at close combat and midium distance fight this loadout will impose fear in the enemy team just by the sound.

Info: Use a 10-minute stamina shot. Stab everything that moves in your front. Repeat. Success.


  • #1: Always bring a melee and a first aid kit in your loadout. This is mandatory.
  • #2: After level 11 I strongly recommend you to use Choke Bombs.
  • #3: Reloading in this game is extremely slow, noisy and, in some cases, you even lose ammo (due to chamber ejection). For this reason I recommend you to pick this traits, depending on your guns: Ambidextrous (level 44, 3 points) and Bulletgrubber (level 57, 6 points).
  • #4: Also two good traits are Levering (level 14, 3 points) for fastly hip fire with lever action rifles and Fanning (level 17, 7 points), the same but for most pistols.
  • #5: You have 4 tool slots and 4 consumable slots. Use them. Don’t jump into a match with empty slots.
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