Incremental Epic Hero 2 – Early Game Tips

Here you can find some useful tipa and tricks for early game part.

Tips to Early Game

  • Read the quests! Most of them will explain how the mechanics work, with further information available in the Help file.
  • Watch your cartographer levels. You don’t want to be unlocking regions that may be too difficult, as you’ll get Daily Quests/Swarms for those areas.
  • Equip the same item, for faster Equipment Proficiency. When you equip 2 of the same item. The countdown goes down by 2 seconds instead of 1. The effects/passives also stack.
  • When you start getting near Level 70 for the first time, on each hero. Stop picking up equipment on the battlefield. At level 75 you unlock a Equipment Master Quest that gives good exp / increase in equip prof.
  • Save Tutorial Quest Claims that have EXP Blessing, for when you’re in a good spot to Farm EXP (Slime area 3, 5, 7) Or about to go to Dungeon 3 for Push to Lv100.
  • Work towards unlocking Slime Dungeon 1, Dungeon 2, Slime Village Area 7, Dungeon 3.
  • Spend some time on Angel and get at least one armor piece to level 10, for HP Regen.
  • Always check swarms if it gives better EXP by using the simulation.

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