Incremental Epic Hero 2 – Tips for New Players

This is a short guide for new players, who might be wondering in the mass of all the mechanics, what do I do next?

Tips for a Smooth Start

Play the game in a way that is fun for you. This is always the most important part of gaming.

Main early game goal reach level 100 and rebirth.

Early Game Stats

In the early game it is best to set your stats for equipment leveling. Aim for 5 points in each stat first (10-15 VIT, STR, INT & 5 AGI, Luck). Being able to equip an extra sword earlier will add about 15 points of attack, unmastered. That is much better than throwing some extra stat points into STR.


Dungeons are critical to smooth progression. You should focus on unlocking your first dungeon as soon as possible. Dungeons give a huge amount of exp, gold, and town materials. For the early game you will be able to clear slime dungeons 1 & 2 and magicslime dungeon 1. Once you are strong enough to clear magicslime dungeon 1 you should be able to use that to push to level 100 and rebirth.


Skills are the main early method to make your character stronger. To level your skills you need resources (stone/crystal/leaf). To get more resources you need to upgrade. Dungeons are the best way to get quick gold to complete upgrades and upgrades make improving skills much faster.

Guild Points

Your early guild points are very important. First five guild points should go into stone gathering and 1 point for skill leveling. After that, you want to add 1 point to crystal, for boosting gold cap, and all the rest to guild exp. At guild level 10 you will go to the epic store and burn your 1 ‘free’ guild reset to change your guild points to:

  • 5 points imitating (Gives you an extra skill slot, for equipping other character’s skills).
  • 1 point skill (Small boost to skill leveling speed).
  • 1 stone/crystal/leaf (3 total).
  • 1 guild exp.

From here, I recommend balancing resources and guild level.

Avoid inventory and alchemy, not great early game choices.

I hope this helps.

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