Incremental Epic Hero 2 – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Alchemy Work?

  • Video on Alchemy:

Help > Lab also has a breakdown.

What’s the best way to gain Alchemy points?

  • Minor Health Points have the best ratio of Essence used : Alchemy Points gained.
  • Minor Resource Poultice has the same ratio as Minor Health Point. Though Essence of Life is slower for conversions. You will eventually have diminish returns on adding Mysterious water to Essences. So you may want to eventually split between Essence of Slime and Life, instead of throwing it all into Essence of Slime.

How do I raise the Guild level?

  • You gain guild exp from leveling your heroes. You can increase the Guild EXP gain % through upgrades in the game. Such as the Training upgrade in the Guild Tab.
  • You can gain a lot of Guild exp by having heroes doing quick Rebirths.

How do I get more Equipment inventory slots?

  • You can get more inventory slots through the upgrade tab 2, upgrading certain town buildings, game achievements, epic store purchases, and there is a DLC for Inventory Space.

How do we get more equipment Equip slots?

  • There are certain Title Quests you can clear that will give more. Certain Challenge bosses will also give some slots. Epic Store is another way to get more slots.

Do drops ever disappear on the battlefield?

  • They only disappear if you enter a dungeon, enter a challenge boss fight, or close the game.
  • Only 30 equipment drops can be on the ground at one single time. Higher tier drops replace the lower tiers when you’re at that 30 drop limit.
  • Resources merge into each other if you let them sit there long enough.

Can you gain Skill Proficiency in Global slots?

  • Currently you need to Gain levels in the Town Building:Statue of Heroes. The rate of Skill Prof on Global slots goes off of the Active hero and the Statue of Heroes Level milestones.

EX. If active hero had 1000% Skill prof gains, and 50% Global skill Prof from Statue of Heroes. Global skills would have 500% skill prof gains.

How does Capturing work?

How can I capture monsters? You first need at least Level 1 of Monster Distinguisher Title. You will also need to purchase traps from the Shop. With these, you can only capture ‘Normal’ Type monsters, with more traps for other types unlocked later in the game. Equip the traps on your utility slot and right click on a monster within the Traps level requirement. (Hover over the trap to see the level requirement)

Video on Capturing:

Help > Capture has more information.

Quick Tip on Mass-Capturing. Instead of right clicking every single time to try and capture. You can hold down your right mouse button and it will keep trying to capture.

How do we activate two+ heroes?

  • You need the Title of Rebirth (by rebirthing on each hero). This will allow them to work in the background. Each Rebirth has it’s own Proof of Rebirth title, that will increase it’s background efficiency

How can we get more then 3 active heroes?

  • There’s a World Ascension upgrade that’ll increase that number, currently it’s only possible to get up to 4 heroes (1 Active, 3 passive)

How Can I rebirth for the first time?

  • You need to get to level 100 on any hero you chose. Any of the heroes are viable for your first rebirth.

What is the stance of Cheating/Scripting/Macroing?

  • We will not take any action against those who use these tools, but we do not actively support it.

In time we hope to render most scripts/macros unnecessary as we add new features, new QoL enhancements, and more.

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