Jagged Alliance 3 – Combat Tips

Hello everyone! I struggled in the beginning because I was trying to play this as an XCOM game and this isn’t an XCOM game at all, so I wanted to share some insights about combat.

Tips to Combat

  1. Stealth kills… As much as you can: it took me a while to understand that mercs can enter stealth after combat starts and try more stealth kills. Do this often!
  2. Cover fire: you can attack two times for the price of one attack. Just position yourself well and see the enemy being shot once when he moves and shoots.
  3. Use heavy ordinance: grenades and explosives are awesome. They can hit many enemies, destroy cover. Don’t get too worried about hoarding it to the future. Use then when in a pinch or if the perfect throw opportunity show itself.
  4. Make ammo: not a combat related, but ammo is scarce as hell. Pick your preferred weapons and make that ammo!
  5. Take proper cover, ALWAYS: choose to fight where you can have cover and save AP to put yourself in the best cover possible, and watch enemies grazing or missing you.
  6. Make use of the “Take Cover” command which reduces most hits to grazing hits and also banks AP for the next turn.
  7. Always turn on sneak mode when available. Enemies can’t shoot your ass with RPG if you’re hidden.
  8. Put your LMG to use and set them up at choke point, it will kill enemy in their own turn but watch out for elevation and anything that can impede the bullet line.
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