Jagged Alliance 3 – Sanatorium / Kronenberg Tips (One Squad Walkthrough)

How to Complete the Cure Quest with One Squad

I actually managed to complete the cure today and doing it mostly with one squad.

Please Note: Things you should know before you play Jagged Alliance 3. This useful article will help you prepare for a future walkthrough.

I’m not sure how much time to spare I had but I think it was still at least 1 more day and I didn’t even rush it (rested two squads at the sanaturium before completing the finale and I even cured Larry from his drug addiction in the process).

Due to the fact that I had the locations on where to gather the samples (the mission provides it) I went a specific route to safe time:

  • Camp Hope (I12) => The Burial Grounds (J11) => Factory Ruins (K14) => K16 => enter tunnels and go through them to exit at => Wetlands (H16) => Chalet de la Paix (F13)

The most difficult and time consuming part was F13 as I had to move around quite a bit and also do some stuff at F12 to then get back to F13 and finish with a tough fight (man these soldiers have good aim).

My alpha squad consists off:

  • Alpha (My Own Merc – Rifle)
  • Buns (Rifle)
  • Mouse (Shotgun)
  • Fidel (Sniper)
  • Steroid (Rifle)
  • Fox (Rifle – Melee)

If you actually focus two squads on this task it should be very easy to complete and three would be a cake walk. I’m playing on Commando difficulty.

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