Jagged Alliance 3 – Train You Merc in Tutorial (Boost Tips)

Train your Merc in the tutorial to get boosted stats right from the beginning.

Train You Merc in Tutorial

The tutorial has no time limit, so you can hire A.I.M. mercs to train your I.M.P. merc right after taking the first sector.

Start with Wolf as he has a perk that reduces opertion time by 33% and a trait that reduces train operation time by another 10%, which speeds up your initial training.

Dump on you I.M.P. merc stats like HP, STR, MRK and MEC that Wolf can train.

Then start training with Wolf on your stats until the learn rate starts to slow down.

You can train your stats up to 91 points. So hire next:

  • Steroid for HP and STR
  • Mouse for AGI and DEX
  • Livewire for MEC (only 85, you need Vicki for 91 but she didn’t want to work for me yet)
  • Barry for EXP
  • Raven for MRK
  • Raider for LDR
  • Dr. Q for MED (only 88)

You end up with most stats at 91:

This is compatible with a Dynamic Duo playthrough if you wait with hiring the next merc until your current trainer has left. After taking the Tutorial village you can buy A.I.M. Gold membership and hire one of the legendary mercs as you Dynamic Duo partner.


  1. A potential risk is, if you spent toooo long time during the gameplay e.g several months, sooner or later the AIMs will display “missing” or “KIA” (but not temporarily “unavailable”), a perfectism will be feeling sad.

  2. If you want to make IMP merc having higher stat than intended then just use the mod to do so, why bother cheesing it in a roundabout way

    • it’s better to stick to the cheaper recruits with high stats like Barry, Grizzly, MD, etc. Wolf’s training may be faster, but he also costs two or three times as much as the recruits. The starting money should be enough for a few months of training for your own merc.

      • your starting money..way is not sufficient even after conquering ernie..with only barry..who is the cheapest..you get 2-3 skill raises every 2 days..that is 14-21 skillpoint for 4000 in 2 weeks

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