Jagged Alliance 3 – Mercs Relationship Guide

Shows the relationship between all the starting mercs. The relationship effects mostly their moral, in some cases the mercs want more money or refuse to join the team.

Guide to Mercs Relationships


Every merc has a different relationship to each other. If a merc is in a team with a person he likes, his moral will rise by 1. If he dislikes the person his moral will fall by 1, he wants more money or he refuses to join the team completely.


How I Got the Data

I simply went trying error, for around 7 hours, until I got every merc pared up with each other. I filled the result inside a chart:

  • Grey: neutral.
  • Black: the person itself.
  • Green: both mercs like each other.
  • Red: both mercs hate each other.
  • Blue: one merc likes the other.
  • Orange: one merc hates the other.

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  1. To add to the pile:

    Steroid seems to like Larry, while he is an addict – but not after sobering up
    Fauda learns to like Buns – she has a special comment to make after Buns killshots, that she never sais to anybody else

  2. Flay = Grunty and Blood like him. Grizzly hates him.
    Livewire = Has criminal background, hates law enforcer background.(Raider, Raven, ???)
    Mouse = Generally likes an All- or Majority Female Squad.

  3. In my game I have both Igor and Kalyna, and they quickly started to like each others.
    However I also have MD and Flay. So my question is what might trigger the potential “MD learns to dislike Flay”. Is it just time, or does it need any events to progress? Can I prevent this by putting them in seperate squads?

    • if you seperate them in 2 squads and make sure they are not on the same map tile, they shoudn´t have a moral penalty. I also think its just time they spent together what triggers it, but since Livewire can hate and like the same person I dont have a bullet proof answer.

  4. MD learns to dislike Flay
    Scope likes Sidney
    Livewire learns to like Len, Dislikes Raider, Raven and learns to dislike Len
    Ivan likes Igor and Grunty
    Barry likes Red
    Raven likes Raider
    Grizzly likes Shadow and Wolf, dislikes DrQ
    Red dislikes Buns and learns to dislike Livewire
    Magic likes Blood and Ice, dislikes Buns
    Vicki learns to dislike Smiley
    Nails likes Fox
    Wolf likes Fox
    Hitman likes Raven and Grunty, dislikes Raider
    Grunty likes Igor, Ivan, Buns
    Buns likes Sidney, dislikes Fox, Reaper
    Mouse dislikes Fox, learns to dislike Steroid, Red
    Igor likes Ivan, Grunty and learns to like Kalyna
    Ice likes Magic, Grizzly, Blood, learns to like Livewire

  5. All Data from the game files
    Gus likes Len and Scully
    Raider likes Raven and dislikes Hitman
    Fox likes Wolf and Grizzly, learns to like Fauda, Dislikes Steroid and learns to dislike Smiley
    Len likes Spike, Vicky and DrQ and learns to dislike Omryn
    Flay, Larry, Omryn, Shadow, Scully, Meltdown are neutral
    Pierre learns to like Flay and learns to dislike Grizzly
    Smiley learns to like Kalyna, Fox and Buns
    Spike likes Len
    Kalyna likes Omryn, learns to like Igor and learns to dislike Flay
    Fauda learns to dislike Kalyna and Fox
    Fidel learns to like Flay
    Blood likes Magic
    Tex likes Fox and Larry
    DrQ likes Vicki
    Sidney likes Scope
    Thor likes Ice and learns to like Omryn
    Reaper learns to like Fauda
    Steroid likes Larry and Grizzly, learns to like Kalyna, dislikes Ivan, Igor and learns to dislike Omryn

    • It seems to apply when they’re in the same tile, whether they’re in different squads or not. At least, when I separate them in one tile into different squads, the morale stays the same, but it changed when I moved the squad to another tile.

      Then again there seems to be more influencing morale so I’m not 100% sure, but it seemed that way to me.

  6. Buns will actively raise her extension fee every time if fox is on the team on top of the morale penalty but from what I remember Mouse only has the morale penalty but was fine with the same fee.

    I think in older JA games it was possible for some mercs to loose their dislike of a merc along the way? Wonder if that’s still the case.

  7. There seems to be a difference in dislikes: While Buns already does not want to join right after recruiting Fox, I have Mouse and Fox already 4 weeks under contract.

  8. Nice work so far! I can add that Gus likes Len and Scully, Len likes Gus back, Dunno about Scully though. Generally, it seems like they kept the Likes/Dislikes from JA2. Ice also likes Magic, In JA2, Ice, Blood and Magic all like each other, Not 100% if they kept it in though!

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